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Hiya! Nice to meat you, you look especially delicious to day with that barbecue sauce in your hand. My hopes are to get people to enjoy and have a somewhat of a laugh out of the things I create! of course such a task would be difficult and I hope those who visit is patient with me ^-^. I really like drawing and games but putting things on the computer is a completely different story so I really hope there is very patient people in the internet world!
Enjoy my newbie drawings and I hope you can see me improve throughout the years!
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Thank You
This has been a very interesting story thus far. I would've love to see how you wanted it to end, but I guess enough is enough. It was fun while it lasted. Thanks for sticking out as long as possible.
Love private comic option
In the third panel, is ray talking about the magic carp? XD
I kinda want to see how she would cook them....
hahaha love the bug trainers
How does the person not leave tracks?
clap clap clap!
I am liking your logic there!