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I feel like at this point she could put a stake through Joa's heart and everyone will say "just a normal reaction..."
I have to agree with Onyxlight, Everyone should have a voice.
Considering these comments , the rest of the story seems a bit more... linear, so I think I'll just draw my line here, the story was great though! I think the characters were very interesting and the art style was beautiful. Thank you for your dedication to this comic!
Angie was always a character that I didn't like (the invasive "I know everything because I'm a girlfriend" attitude has always irked me), but I have to agree that completely dissing her isn't appropriate either. I think she offers an interesting perspective in the story and no matter how you write every character is a possible hit or miss in the end. Characters are meant to be layered and modeled after those we encounter in the real world. Just as we don't like people irl it is natural that for whatever reason, we dislike characters. In terms of story writing, her character was made a bit too abrasive and unlike the other characters she turned out a bit more linear, but the story still goes on.
@KoryMisun: My thoughts exactly ;A;
Wh....why is she taking pictures of them in the first place? lol
Girls like her always freak me out lol, like its personal, best friend or not.
I have waited YEARS for this moment. I've been waiting since before my nephew was born.
*stares at joa until eyes burn*
January 15th, 2014
Oh... Me Gusta.
I just reread this entire comic and I am still lost.
You might want to put a warning on the comic.
Does this story progress at all? I mean there has been nothing but throwing in new characters. I love the art but a little progression would be good.
Grey is just so cute x)
He looks like Belimai Sykes. *^*
You aren't only a quick learner, you are the cutest little baby x3
That moment when you realized you messed with the wrong guy on the wrong day, you'll understand when you're older kid B|
I don't mean to be a joy kill, but where is the content warning?
@mangofurutani: Your icon.... ftw *^*
OAO wtf? This is amazing! How did I not see this before?! Whenever you get to making merchandise PLEASE inbox me D:
This is just so rad! Like the characters, and the art style and the.... everything ;A;
I just imagined Richard's voice in the last panel, and it was so cute x)
This is so perfect.