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I'm just a regular guy I guess.I am a bit sensitive and easily scared but don't go thinking I suck or boring!I'm a fan of the Kirby,Pokemon,Sonic the Hedgehog (I'm currently obsessed with that),Pikmin and a bit more.
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What do you think? They're Kirbies!
*Runs around the two kirbies humming a marriage melody while throwing flowers everywhere before getting smashed by Kuxxel's hammer*
If you become a murderer, everyone will betray you.
@Nobody: Exactly!
Kooby doesn't care if he's boring, he was told to be boring.
Well the person may not also be afraid of you, but also hate you. Who wants to be hated?
What kind of trip was that? We just woke up in the middle of this place. There was no big bus to take us anywhere, so much for being a trip.
@Gigi19972010: Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
@Super Bluey: Kiggy might have taken them
Oh Dana XD.

She has got to be my favorite Kirby!
Oh dear, everyone here is having a bad day. Well don't worry everyone, your lives will get better.
It's not nice to kill people :(
It looks like Cackletta stole her voice for some reason and replaced it with this strange vocabulary. At least it wasn't an explosive one.
Squishies are fun, except when you're the squishied.
We can ask everyone we see

I wonder what's in the crate..

I MUST KNOW WHAT THAT PLACE IS! First instinct was Kirby Air ride top ride course, but that isn't likely since this is sprite comic. Wasn't there a place like that in Super Star?
Me no want to make Kexas mad. If Kexas mad, me die!

Me like way Bonkers talk
Paper Mario:The Thousand Year Door..

Loved that game.

I love it as much as Ryka loves soda