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Your comic is soooo great ♥ ♥ ♥ Keep it up !
November 17th, 2012
@southparkfan99: Thank you. That needed to be said.
I didn't mean to sound offensive, I just found really immature of someone to tell me I'm stupid just because I didn't agree with her.
Now, have a good day young lady.
Heeey ! Since I didn't comment for a long long time I wanted to make an interesting and useful comment but... Guess I can't do that. I'm not too good at writing long and insightful comments.
Well anyway. Just wanted to say that I love your comic. It's crazy and fun - and still, at times like this, you can make it serious without it feeling out of place. That's one of the thing I like most about your comic. The style is great, the story is too and I never get tired of seeing what will come next.
So... Yep. What I mean is 'Great work, keep it up !'
November 15th, 2012
@Guest: No, I'm not. But thanks for asking, it's always nice to know that people think you're dumb.
I'm entitled to my own opinions and, obviously, I don't really care if a stranger agrees or not with me. I said what I thought, that's all. I do agree that Wendy's reaction wasn't appropriate (violence never is, anyway) but that doesn't mean everyone have to say 'aw that bitch I hate her lol'.
Those comments are really immature to me.
And please don't answer me when my comment's nearly a year old. Thank you.
That guy is so. so. handsome. I'm jealous now.

Aaaaand, is he his friend or ex-boyfriend or... ?
Anyway you gotta love the 'Oh. So Tomoya's free??'

Oh boy I'm first. I'll go buy some champagne and flowers to party with them right away.
'Go and commune with nature' seems super fun, here.

Go and commune with dead bodies, Rupert.

Anddd this comic is still awesome. I wanna know how it ends so keep up with the good work~
Oh and I'm in love with Rupert's eyes, actually. And glasses. I want them so badly.
I just discovered this a while ago, forgot to comment though aha. Anyway, juste wanted to say the plot is awesome. Especially the way you draw the thoughts and, well, the way you draw everything but those thoughts really are pretty. Or disgusting. But it's still pretty anyway.

Damn. YOU IDIOT. RUN RUPERT. RUN. Or hope, maybe. That works too.
No, kid, there was nothing wrong with old home.

But there is something wrong with you, clearly.

There really is something in your comics - art and storytelling - that makes them wonderfuly creepy. In a good way, though. You really are good at it, it's amazing.
STAN, DUDE. That's what you get for going out with Wendy while loving Kyle and whatnot. So yeah. Basically, blame yourself.>:|

Anyway I love their expressions here, they look awfully cute.
Don't worry. I totally understand what you're going through, with your exams and whatnot. I had mine last year, so, yeah. I know. But I'll gladly continue to read Hatshop once you come back! Anyway if I'm bored I can re-read the whole thing.

So, Good luck on your exams! :)
JerJer... \o/

Remember me of how I call some of my friends. They're always like " B| what did you call me?"

And it's alright, I like this format. It works great like that!

I didn't comment the last ones, so : I love E's sister. I love E. And I love N°.1, too. Okay, I love everyone.
There's now word to describe how much I love your comic. Bittersweet, uh... I do think you know exactly how to convey your characters' feelings. June, Raine, Theo, your art, the plot ; I'm in love with the whole thing. Cause, you know, it's meaningful? lol I don't even know.

And Raine's attitude is just incredibly... cute. I mean, he is lying, right, but it's only to protect his brother and... ;A;
Hey! I just discovered your comic and I simply looove it. It's cute and funny and your characters are cool and... Totally crazy. ;w;

So keep up the good work!
I read the whole thing, and I must say that I find your art and story-telling beautiful. It's well done and catchy. Can't wait for more! ♪

Lead the way, M.Herkel!>8D
Ah! The title's in French, right? Right?!°w°

I love your art, anyway! Gonna read more~
Happy New Yeaaaaaaaaaaar~ My my, look at those cute violet clothes.e__e
Awkward moment is awkward. BUT SO FUN.8D

Your comic is just too cute, can't wait for the next page! GL needs love too, and there ain't much of on SJ. Sadly.

Oh, and I've seen someone talking about Marceline and PB up there so. So. Yeah.♥
Come on, Raine! Take revenge!

And Happy New Year everyooooone~
OMG Theo's face in the last panel.♥

Wonder why he's so cold to his mother, though.
Aaaaaw, Theo.ç__ç'

I like how we get to see a different side of him for the last few pages, though. And it has already been said but the contrast between June and Raine is just too funny. I'm positively sure this is the only way I can tell them apart, aha.8D