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Nice Lion King Reference
I'm surprised no one commented about that.

Anyways, I haven't been on Smackjeeves in while, so im trying to catch up on some comics, such as this one. It's awesoem, and everythings kinda falling into place now.
@Sonow: - POW - Bitch Slapped!
An Eye As Big As His Head
At least I can understand why the rest of his face is bot on his face.
the horse's thought reminds me of Charlie the Unicorn for some reason.
Not only did his eyeballs pop out of his head, but his pupils popped out of his eyeballs.
December 30th, 2011
I Know Where They're Going...
To complete all of the Sonic 3 & Knuckles zones!

And sure, suffering some injuries is bad, but atleast you dont die like in the real games. Tails really shouldn't complain, I'd rather suffer some injuries like them, i really wouldn't want to die, like, 50 time within a week.

I wonder how long this zone is going to last, 50 comics, 75 comics, 100 COMICS, SOMEWHERE INBETWEEN?!
Merry Kwanukkah!
To every Comic I love, I'm saying Merry Kwanukkah to.

And sorry for not updating my comic in, like, over 2 weeks, the first week I was busy in school, and the past week, well, I was just feeling a lttle lazy. But I'll try to get one up for Christmas. So have a Merry Kwanukkah!
December 25th, 2011
Merry Kwanukkah!
'Merry' for Christmas, 'Kwan' for Kwanzaa, and 'Ukkah' for Hanukkah. Great comic, and I hope you all have a Merry Kwanukkah!
Merry Kwanukkah!
A hat for a roof, ehh? Well I can imagine if that doll house is left in the rain.

(Raining, hat gets wet and soggy)

Doll: Oh sweet Lord! the roof is coming down!

Other Doll: Quick run for your lives!

Teddy Bear Made With Elf's Face: Oh, sweet, Jesus. I never thought this is how it ends. And I wont die! I'll just be stuck on this life less bears face FOREVER!

If you don't get the last part, the person who got the doll house with a hat for a roof, also got the teddy bear with the real face. And, since the bear is life less and COULD get crushed, then the face would just stay there. Cause, the elf must be alive to mumble like that so... ...yeah. The face can see and taste everything the bear does.

Oh, and the title of the comment, it's just something my sis thought of. It's stuck in my head, so I thought I'd share it with all of you.

It's 'Merry' for Christmas, 'Kwan' for Kwanzaa, and 'Ukkah' for Hanukkah. So once again, MERRY KWANUKKAH!
@Rouge16: Uh, I-I think that's the body. I'm not to sure though, it COULD be a rock. But, I don't know.
the head on the very left.. I can't tell which way it's supposed to be facing. Also, I can't see who is humping the baby, like everyone says.
Maybe you could review my comic?
Mobian Hero?

It only has 11 comics but, I hope to have, at the most, 25 or 30 by the end of Christmas break. And i dont mind what you give, I dont think its good, currently. I hope to improve it over time.
Love it
Love Warriors, love this. I've almost read all 30 books
Squishy should be a he. 'It' just sounds weird, 'That Ditto' is to long, and 'she', well, everyone want's Squishy to be a he.

Eevee? 'ray of sunshine'? I can just imagine all the dark aura around Eevee.
December 4th, 2011
I always hated springs, it doesn't even matter if they're helpful. I do and always will hate springs.
@bananakin: And right now, Patch is digging his face into Squishy.
Hahahaha, Squishy! What do you use to make these?
Last Panel...
Sh*t just got real
Thought So
@Lugbzurg: yeah, I thought the Echidna was Sam, didn't remember Spekkal though.