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Nothing special about me. Just a big failer with a dream to become a mangaka.

I am only a crappy, unpopular peep lurking in the shadows, unnoticeable because of my idiotic art style and stupid story line.

If you matter to stop by on my page, better think again and don't dare to read my crappy webmanga which is a fail so far.
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    Dynn Flores
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Rain is the one on the last panel. Panel 3 epic fail? panel 4 epic epic fail
@Scarecrow747: it's alright. Keep it up.. I'm looking forward for it's updates XD

I have mine too, but I am too busy aparently to continue it because of school
Hi there^^
hahah found you. Dannie posted a journal about your manga so I followed it here in SJ, it's better to read this here.^^
@sakuradance54: just kept on reading :3
@Hollzeh: there is something wierd
@sakuradance54: LOL you think so. He's a noob by the way XD
@sakuradance54: Thanks, hehe guess he is not it
new pages coming a head, IDK if anyone read this thing., >.<
I'm going to fave this again!!! :3
ish trying to make this different.

Have to practice and still learning more about tones at the moment >.<

ish really needing help . . .
@Rai-san: I used to be . . . in these last couple of years, not now
@Rai-san: heehe actually the first mangas and comics i did were all done traditionally >.< but I quit since it is very tiring and I don't have the tools required to make it.., nahh.., hehe it's okay digital saves me from drawing architecture and natural backgrounds since MS had them on the tone section. I just have to import those materials to my PS and I have an auto BG in it already
O.o Lettering???
Tilt the pen nib diagonally. That will do the trick. Trust me, i do calligraphy ever since I was 10.., much older when i started drawing Anime style.., ^^
@Rai-san: XDD yeahsh.., such.., it made me sleep almost 3 am in the morning >.< and it was an experiment >.< IDK, perhaps, it didn't look that bad after all >.<
XDD OTL Brand new Page.., probably my last upload for a while.., I need to sketch new pages soon >.<

hope you enjoy reading..,

ehem. please sorry for the crapiness >.< I'm an amateur so please feel free to critic some corrections Thank you and bear with me please >.<
page 3 QAQ

thanks for reading ^^

comments appreciated
OTL New Page!!! Please tell me what you think QAQ

please be honest QAQ
OTL, epic kill oh mah goohdmesh!!! QAQ
Again XDDD
Yeah IDK what happened to the last page ToT

be back tomorrow for the Comic Cover ToT

thanks for reading!!! I hope to hear feedback from you ToT

and the manga is a definite slow starter ToT
Epic Fail Pose
Yo, Rain so sorry about your pose their ToT I really gave up on that one so so so sorry