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I think I'm in love with... FOOD. O_O
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    Essi S.
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astig tlga ^-^ as always >.<
keep 'em going !! <3
gosh they're sooo cute!! ^____^
ang cuuuuuute Q_Q ang galing mo din magcolor xD haha ikaw na , the best ka !! <3
what a nice short story ^_^ and even though it IS short, you're kinda unique to plot it all out at once ^_^ btw , the art's cool too <3 keep it up...
wow . O_O for the first time i saw him mad ... O_____O and cooler ^_^
is he gonna hit Julien bcoz of what he told Laurence ? O_O
haha! <3 peevee ^_________^ i'd like to call him that someday xD
wow the story's getting pretty interesting so far especially about the topic about Madalina and those Hunters people and more about why Lawrence shouldn't talk to Beth anymore !! ^_^ keep it up!! <3
its pretty good to be true ^_^ imma like this at once !! O_O
somehow i think i'm loving this already ^_^ btw, the 3rd panel rules! <3
needs... next... page ... O_O
oh my god ! congratulations!! i hope you two the best from the bottom of my heart!! gawd i've been waiting for this!!! :')
ooh i love it! <3
goddammit! TT_TT
kfine i find the few episodes ... kinda disgusting and sick :/ but i'm not saying its not good ^____________^
February 27th, 2012
yay! your manga's so interesting! i'll add it to one of my faves! <3 hope you update soon again, thanks! ^__________^
why does Julien always forbids Lawrence to talk to Beth ? O_O I don't get it T_T It's not like he's gonna eat her straight off, right ?
gosh! she's really pretty here ^_________^ so girlish <3
god please!!! TT__TT
i really like the way you color ad also the way you draw ^_^ everything's just too cute ! hope you dont change your art style for the worse though T________T