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Gold the hedgehog
on the verge of emo.
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    ...Seth(laugh and i kill you)
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Remember knuckles...
Dodge,Duck,Dip,Dive and...Dodge.
this makes me want to play runescape again.fav'd!
Woah, I just realized, We're gonna be seein' Bao-dur soon!
Gold the hedgehog
November 13th, 2008
...just plain epicness.
Bloody brilliant.
WOO-HOO! hot tub here I come!
your not alone.

by the way, i can start stuff up again.
Gold the hedgehog
September 13th, 2008
...golds not thinking right now,please leave a message.
i express my right to Dun!
i THINK i know where your going with this...
i think wily put kendo man on the lowest level so roll will beat him,get a big head,and Wily will bring in ANOTHER RM,and roll'l get her @$$ kicked.
if it's dead,do i have to update?cuz,i updated war of the flesh eaters,and i'm trying to get a comic up for SE.
don't know if anyone's read the book "confessions of a mafia hitman" but the charcter in that BURNS someones balls off.
or...we could just have the soldier talk to gold for a few hours.ULTIMATE PUNISHMENT!

and the last comic was good. for traps,schmoopy!
i'm gonna have to start readin this again...
if thats kreia,i8 wanna see atton,and how runt responds to the whole "mining droids killed everyone" thing.
must...resist...monty...python... joke...
yeah! another Al Kran idiot!
just a little mistake i'm suprised no one saw.
"its risky outside and it's risky outside."
"you say hooch again, I'ma take one of yo' fingers."

look up crazy in the dictionary,you will find hooch's mugshot.
"give a man a fish,he eats for a day.teach him to fish,get him out of the house for the weekend"-my grandma.