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sotry.. story.. etc Who cares I am lost anyway XDDD
@Wall_Spider: XD Yes I know English is not my native language so it's hard to not make mistake sorry ><

thoth is like: romantic is good for stupids
@WarriorNun: Yes ><
@portisHeart: Nubi can't wait; He wait for too long XD
To be Honest, I need to draw something in black and white without gray.. So the next bonus chapter between anubis and Jerome will be like that ^^
I hope you liked this chapter guys <3
Thank you for your sweat comment, funny moment and precious help <3
It's making everything when I draw alone. You are my salary XDDD
Sorryyy it's been so long but I had so much to do nad I don't know why I couldn't draw during 3 weeks. This page and the next one take 4 hours to do 4 FUCKING HOURS FOR THIS SHIT XDDDD (without scan, cleaning etc)
@Wolf: oh god what happened in my head when i wrote that o0
thank you so muuuuch dear. you are such a savior thank you
@Truefan108: haha yes kahim crazy
Jérôme vs Kahim

Kahim : he looks so cute Can I adopt him?

Jérôme: don't push me and put a collar first!

They surely have sex before that Jérôme confess XDD
@bloodyfetcher: He is but he is like a dog too. He need constant love and pat pat things ^^
@:I: Greek gods?
Thare are only egyptian god in this story and no they don't know it because they are in their how country ^^
@Wall_Spider: Slurp is GOOD XD
@Adelaide9: Yes sorry I pushed it too far I don't know why XD
@portisHeart: There are don't worry.
Only the last part of Kahim life is a total shit because of Seth ^^
3 Pages and the chapter will be finish! ^^
That kiss was lon. You deserved it guys! <3 And anubis too of course!
@FinyMime: French magazine: How to pose for reincarnation?

Yes ^^ It's an important detail for me ^^
@WarriorNun: Puppies who love hony biscuit!
Seriously Kahim would be a good father but not Jérome hahaha
@portisHeart: well... A lot of century in a statue and without sex.. is not so fun hahahaha