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September 25th, 2018
Here we go. I just need to finish my storyboard and the next chapter will come! Thank you everyone for your message, your kindness and your support! I would be nothing without you ! <3
@Eliza2347: haha yes <3
@Boylovelover: haha I am sitting in a corner too right now XD
OMG DAMN DAMN DAMN. I read all your message and you are so adorabllllllle!

I couldn't imagine so much cute and beautiful message of support!
I'll do my best I swear <3
hello everyone
sorry for not posting
i am so maaaaad about that .
i was begening storyboard at the 30 jun and i had an accident.
i broked a bone on my right hand and july and august i need to stop drawing and wainting with this bandage
i will come back on september .

i try to draw 3 times without my bandage this month and.... after 1 hour my hand hurts...

i hope you ll wait for Jerome and Nubi
thank you ! 😢😢😢😢😢😢
@JunnGerl: thank you <3
@AssyntAngel: Yhank you dear. <3 <3
@MipMipDead: Yes ^^
@Liv3lafLuv: XD Absolutely
@WarriorNun: XDDD The future make him more clever and better at croissant
@FinyMime:XD I am happy you like it
@Wolf: He is ME when I am cooking hahahaha
Hello sister in cook
@portisHeart: More like because He eat that during years XDDD
@Scorpio730: ^^ Thanks. if Jerome knew that he was so bad at cooking he would probably cry
@Gnildryw: Thank you <3
Since I don't have the courage or time actually to do my storyboard... I reattack this story with pleasant and quick draws ^^

Hope you 'll like it and be patient.... ^^,
sotry.. story.. etc Who cares I am lost anyway XDDD
@Wall_Spider: XD Yes I know English is not my native language so it's hard to not make mistake sorry ><

thoth is like: romantic is good for stupids