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@Liv3lafLuv: xD totally .
Merci pour lui il en a besoin ^3^
@AssyntAngel: always si hard ;-)
@AutumnWolf20: haha it s missing something yes but not Jérôme
@Spoilergirl: my instagram is @le_cabinet_du_garei but instastory desapear after 24h ^_^"
@Scorpio730: XDDD totally . First premium class
@FinyMime: gooood yes... anubis will be very upset ^_^
@portisHeart: this pigeon is innocent xD
@WarriorNun: xD sorry dear ! Trleportation....^_^
@Spoilergirl: Ha ha I am, myself , a little sad
@WarriorNun: ^^ He needs to
@AutumnWolf20: Thank you for them ^^
@WarriorNun: more like big furious dogs xD
@FinyMime: xD me too but dead People are important
@Antaresia: haha coooool ^_^
@Antaresia: cool . Haha cat are so not talking xD on contrary of dog xD
@Antaresia: colleguuuuuue *^*
@WarriorNun: huhu the only one to ignore Jérôme s feelings is Jérôme himself yes xD