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@DiamondWolf_YT: Hahaha you will have the solution this afternoon ^^
But i totally love the idea of Jérome kick in another comics XDDD
Jérôme is like: I am going to ask him directly!
Courageous or naive guy?
@Scarlet Spider: Well... Thecnically.... thoth is stronger than Bastet ^^,
@Wall_Spider: Yes yes do *-*. The autor need some challenge
@LittleMissWissy: Revelation... or danger.. or the two.. or neither of us... Who knooooooows ^^
@Scorpio730: Kitty are dangerous XD
Hahaha I have a plan in my head since... 6 months.. you will see ^^
@portisHeart: Yes if she crushed fashion.. She is really mad XD
@CutieSchoolBoy: Yes this one *-*
@FinyMime: XD i think he looks sexy with that face XD
@Scarlet Spider: So creativ XDD
love it. i shuld put *************************************** next time ^^
@IronDog: ^^ <3
@Scorpio730: Spy.. Seth can spy and Thoth was not very coscious ^^
@WarriorNun: Oh ^^ good idea too ^^
@Xaryna: XD Bastet.. New language
@portisHeart: bouhahaha sorry. i Change it such in hurryyyy >~< tomorrow it ll be ok xDDD
haha sooo thats what it is with your name o0 😂😂😂😍😍
@portisHeart: Yes ^^ for the inking process ^^
Line, firts inking with water and ink, after that pure grey ink, after that i ink again to do shadow, after that inking with a dark ink, and after that detail and after that dying XD
@portisHeart: ok i do that ^^
XD Everything. Black, gray, ink, line etc ^^
I love to do everything in traditionnal. i am old school hahaha
@WarriorNun: Yes ^^ a missing part of Kahim Amulet mentionned in the previous chapter ^^
@Scorpio730: Yes ^^ Thoth is really pompous. Every of his Knowledge know his god statu ^^