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BA in Graphic Design holder
Love Yaoi / shounen-ai
Loves sleeping, eatting, & reading comics all day...for the most part
I have MDD & IBS
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OMG...the last dying...omg im crying...omg...
Gods would offer this when im unemployed and poor...*goes sulks in corner* ಥ_ಥ
my fave paleontologist was always Bob Bakker...
And I'll see you guys in a few days!

Chapter 4 is fully plotted out so there will officially be 5 chapters to this whole story before we reach the end. Im going to try and set up two pages to post while im out of town tomorrow and monday so heads up for bonus pages lol or well pages on my usual schedule of sporadic....
Well i officially passed french meaning i officially graduated. Im now an owner of a BA in Graphic 26yo...

Date fell threw...Stupid not owning a car and having an old fashioned father who is in charge of loaning cars out to us 3 kids...stupid 6 months or so til i have my own car...

Any way...I found a place in my plot notebook to work to. So ive drawn the chapter cover, a image I'll let you all know to look back for when i get it done. As i promised I drew the scene where Rylee and Günth are making out on the counter.

Im also still currently writing up the chapter so that I'll have more to post after this!~

Thanks for hanging in there, ya'll!
So that took a lil longer then i thought...turns out my free writing without my plot book has taken me int unknown territory....Ive gotta find my way back to get this plot moving and eventually finished.

Oh the side note tho- I graduate college on sunday may 19th (YAY). So since i dont have a job just right yet im gonna TRY to get more done on this and get it wrapped up because I owe it to yall and to myself.

I might also start dating this super sweet geeky guy so ive got a lot of silver linning currently. My last final is tomorrow and of course it was the bane that kept me from my degree for a year. Not caring so much about the extra year- kind caring that of all things it had to be a foreign language.

Ive also got my tablet working so im gonna try to draw more as well as the fact that I might have a link to a tumblr for a webcomic two of my friends and I are working on- its just a bouncing new idea with the duties split up between us three but im hoping it will evolve. We got my friend Em with her anime type style drawing characters, our friend Charles on backgrounds and me writing/coloring/ringleader. So this should get interesting.

As a final note, I just want to apologize that I let life get in the way of all this. I also want to thank those that have been loyal as all hell to WB&G. Seriously, if i didnt have the 30 some of you still watching for updates i probably wouldnt even had gotten this far. So thank you, with all of my heart <3.

~ Smite
February 24th, 2013
what...just did we get here?
i love your art and as someone who posts maybe 5-7 times a year on her own "comic" i think youre doing what you want to do by making this one is a fine i dont think it look blurry at all...
can fully understand that! as well as i will definitely watch that comic too!
January 29th, 2013
awww its sooo cute <3
Hey im not dead at least right? Well this ends chapter 3...I need to consult my mini sketch book of plot to see where this is going lol but its on its way!~
i must say..that was a lil unexpected...but awesome lol
Sorry its been awhile- Ive been dealing with PTSD from being raped for a year by an exboyfriend, a major relapse of MDD and on top of all of that 4 psychology classes and french 2....So as you could imagine...Ive been very stressed and little free time...Its also been hard to find the means to keep me going everyday, Nem's been helping to his kitty best...but some days sleeping with him on my lap away from the world seems the better idea...

Hope you enjoy!

ps how can this not make me wanna stay home?
sorry...packing and leaving tom for college so things got hectic on tues and monday...but hey, have a page!
@freehugz I came from a family that made me a black sheep for a long time but i wasnt raped until i had my recent boyfriend. So i didnt fully understand the emotions behind this scene until recently...I had originally used it as a plot device but its become more then that, its become my own voice that I can rise above such a scene
Update will begin two at a time since we're hitting the middle and heading for the end. after 3-L15 and 3-L16 (17) I will have a drawn image that will not be a chapter page because well the next scenes were just too hott not to image lol I got myself all hot and bothered just writing them lol

so i hope yall enjoy! Next update will be either 8/20 or 8/21
omg...that just made me snort...I was like awww hes waiting for love and then the NO. lol i died
OMG! LAWLS thats gotta be THE best reaction to that phrase ever...
this is an update to let uk this didnt die...
I have been dealing with the break up with my now exboyfriend. Not only had he been making the last 5 months we've been broken up hell for me via harassing phone calls, texts and emails, not to mention refusing to pay me back 500$ for my cats surgery but also the 200+$ for cancelling his direct tv BUT also mentally dealing with the fact that he had raped me multiple times while i had dated i should be up to par mentally enough here in a couple of weeks to be able to continue then finish! We're half way there!

thanks for sticking with this! <3 to yall!