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describe your life in 2 words...

2 words... lemme think... EPIC FAIL(
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Just thinking...
Yep, that is how I learned English, wut's wrong with that?

It was Web comics, whose are IMHO dont differ drom newspaper's ones.. started reading them cause got mad of waiting for comic translation =3

Anyway, what's wrong with this?
December 1st, 2011
And i love your comic background)
November 30th, 2011
Thanks for existing.
I have kinda fear to insects... not fear, but to me they are all looks such disgusting... all..
I just found this comic, and figured what all characters in it are INSECTS, but I can anyway see live beings in them, like in humans, and\or dogs\cats whatever... I have never looked at that insects such way.. Great thanks for making such great artwork, only one person, i think, in hungred thousand would have such idea of that))
And, as for me, i humbly hope, what with your comic, i will outgrow my child hate to insects...

P.S. and yes, sorry for grammar =)