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I enjoy drawing, reading comics, reading in general, surfing the web, and playing video games.
Lumina and Tegid do a wide array of illegal what not and get limbs torn off as a result
Basil's just miffed because blood-oil isn't easy to get out of a carpet
but I was doing my tests to get my cosmetology license and
GREAT NEWS!! I passed!!
and so did basil!
Basil and I are both licensed hair dressers now!
Cameo of Tansy from my other WIP Rainy Days
Tony is used to Flo grabbing him he was just taken by surprise
I did the same thing yesterday while doing a bounty in ffxv. Completely unnecessary summon that was amazing
cameo by Candide, he belongs to my friend Thysto and is the protagonist of another story that's a WIP Rainy Days!
Just some small intro bits to get to know the household. I forgot some things but it wasn't supposed to be full character sheets.
Dem, Tilly, Flo, Tegid, and Luirta belong to my friend Thysto
also on tapastic and tumblr
Araceli please i'm dying here you perfect being
Tweety you are the most precious thing
Uriah honey, you should probably breathe.
MY dad wore his superman shir to the Avengers movie...I wore my Batman shirt. Awesome movie, Avengers was.
Oh my goodness Shuno's sooo cute~
that haircut looks good on him : >