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I'm a French canadian. And I love t odraw. it made fun to other and I can pass the time with it.

Here, there is my webcomcis in French :
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Something tell ke that he was hard to kill in that lair.
This covert promise a chapter strong in emotion :)
And now a Game of Throne reference... so nice ^^ !!!
Yep another comic after 4 months. I did't work a lot on this comic. But I have a little project of 25 strips. Just for fun ;P
November 14th, 2014
So some stuff we want to know will stay in suspende forever (or a long time):(.

Well, I really enjoying this comic and it is gonna miss me. Good luck for your futur projects.
I'm hurry to see more of this arc. If it is the schizophrenia of Ruby or something else...
I just finish to read all of your comic and he's great. Ruby and Kenneth are originals characters and it is made the comic attaching to read.

I'm hurry to
In one picture she say more words than all the comic :) Very attaching work.
It is a part of art trade with another artist, and I put it in the comic with her permission. You can see lot of her awesome work here :

(watch put there porn on this website ^^)
January 27th, 2014
Well this explain a lot of thing about Hell...
It is a too powerfull item, there's a trick somewhere, for sure :P
Goooood byyyye reward !!! :P
As I see, at the business like at the war.
I love fishing :P
December 19th, 2013
Funny, and sexy :P

This last thing (I talking about her magic) get my curiosity. You getting better for drwaing too if I compar to your firsts pages.
So that's end like this. It is a little surprising, but I loving to read it. Real funny.

Great work. I'll wait for you next comic :P
No Rubit this time. Just something really stupid I draw, long time ago ^^'
I just read all of it. Willa are really attaching and pretty ^^

And this story, with all that Zelda parody, is funny to read ^^

I love it !
You remember this gag ? ( ) ? :P
@corruption: That's depend if it is interesting to get his place or if it is scary you :P