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I'm me. That short enough of a description of myself?

I like yaoi, and that's the important thing :3 The bestie shares the same feeling, the fiance doesn't, sadly. I'll get him to like it soon enough fu fu fu.
No, Norbert! Don't do it! Surround yourself in a salt circle. Maybe it'll keep her at bay.
Already looking forward for the next one. Hope to see it sometime soon.
Whoo. Kiba, you sexy beast ;) Can't wait to see more of that!
Definitely need mooooore! <3
I think he should buy him dinner ;3
YAY! No, brother, you do not need to find another person for the job. Naruto will do it :3
Norbert and Noah are so adorable together :3
Mm. This is deliciously yummy :) Can't wait to see more! :)
Ohmuguz. I have fallen in love with this comic <3

And I am also sorry to hear about your tablet pen :< Puppies do have a tendency to chew on EVERYTHING they can get their teeth on.

I really hope that this comic hasn't died! I know that it was updated nearly two months ago, but I do hope that you still have plans to continue it! :)

Love it! Look so forward to updates!
Guh. I'm already in love with this comic. I can't wait to see what's next! I wanna know what all these rebellious stages with the Uchihas are >:3
November 30th, 2011
Aww, sad day. Is this comic dead? I see that the last time it was updated was back in August.