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Hey! enough about me, i have some ideas for stuff, but i can't draw to save my awesome life. But if you consider yourself of the visual artist spectrum, then hit me up 'n' shit and we'll bust a move ya dig?
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compelling point
October 12th, 2018
Does Darcy seem like the kind of woman that can be killed?
I love a one (1) green woman
you've got a sailor's mouth
you're gonna need some Tylenol for that
I'm sure she's fine
well that's not a nice thing to say and do
I'm sure this will go well
love the transition here
pfft imagine ya mom or something telepathically messaging you all the time
love the jacket
Aster looks fun
I'm all heart eyes emoji over here!
you gotta flirt with your S/O like you ain't with them yet
that's poetic and not creepy at all
ben should be ashamed to know himself
yes i do
Sean keeps sending him super niche memes at 4 in the morning
squeezing a feather ain't that impressive, i can do that without vampire strength.