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Hey! enough about me, i have some ideas for stuff, but i can't draw to save my awesome life. But if you consider yourself of the visual artist spectrum, then hit me up 'n' shit and we'll bust a move ya dig?
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that's me
yeah Izzie doesn't have the best track record with new authority figures
this is why you can't take Lave anywhere. Not to a market and Certainly Not to a fancy restaurant
why must you hurt me author?
Darcy is being nice, you know Tanya weighs nothing to her and she's just pretending to be held back
something tells me this isn't remotely the most embarrassing/terrifying she's done in public
rule one of negotiating with a super strong villain who has your friend and an extremely dangerous man as backup: make demands
the sight of him tied up excites Manning, huh?
they're hiding in the tree
well that was dramatic
mom and dad are gone
good morning indeed
uh oh
box get stabbed
cuz it tastes like cherry soda
mama said knock you out
"Nah, we're fresh out"

"Can you check in the back?"