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Hey! enough about me, i have some ideas for stuff, but i can't draw to save my awesome life. But if you consider yourself of the visual artist spectrum, then hit me up 'n' shit and we'll bust a move ya dig?
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for as, let's say eccentric, Darcy is; those are pretty reasonable demands for a wedding. then again i guess anything is reasonable when you own a country
bad boy
just slowly back away
what did mom say?
she remain big
i'm sure those guys are fine
who's mohawk girl?
ahhhh, no consequences or repercussions
Joanna, gayly: whaaa? feelings? for Alika? that doesn't sound like me
stabbing someone seems like a good way to prove yourself
rookie move, that's why i use nun chunks, they don't get stuck in anything
character development and shameless unintentional flirting
where can i cop that herodactyl shirt?
patiently wait your turn in line, you'll have your chance
I like her outfit
@Guest: thanks ig
she just doesn't believe in armor, or dodging, or proper medical care, or being modest; she just wanna show off and i'm here for it tbh
what is she like nine feet tall