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Independent Animator and Illustrator living in Washington DC.
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    Heather Larkin
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@Andrew: Some 130 something or so poems? That would no doubt be a big undertaking. Though I'd love that! :) A poem for each page! I'd love to somehow put them in a more prominent place...

It's up to you, sir poet! :)
@Andrew: These are awesome. joy joy joy! :) perfect poetic accompaniment.
@Aaron: gggarrsshhh! Thank you! :D
@Calam: Thanks. More caves and tunnels in a bit!
@Cuitlamiztli: Thanks! :)
@Nagi: hehe thanks Nagi :)
I'm back
I was gone a good long while. I'm sorry guys. More news here: I'm aiming to get back on a regular tuesday-thursday schedule. Thank you for your patience as always.
@Che: Yes! Will be soon!
@Hydra: Glad to hear it! :D Yeah, I'm really excited about that part. Getting there! 6 out of 13 pages done so far!
@Hydra: oh gosh, i'm sorry i haven't mentioned this more explicitly ... I also posted the news in the "news" section here:
@Emor: Thanks Emor! I'm glad you like the design. Yes! Lots of planning and plotting for this chapter. Like all the chapters. For this room, I made a 3D model in Google SketchUp to get the tricky perspective right. Barracks is the right word for it. I felt like the D'ni were okay with cramp quarters, not a lot of privacy.
@Andrew: Poetic accompaniment to the pages?? That would be awesome! Please please please do that. I look forward to more of your lyrical comments immensely.
@Andrew: ::applause:: woow that's great! lol i love the last part
@Andrew: lololol that sounds even better
@Moira: omg Canadi-gehn. I love that.

Thanks Moira :)
@Rhee: LOL totally
@RichardJ: oh, i hadn't noticed that! nice spot. :)
I was hoping to finish this before midnight, but that didn't happen. It's late. I had a lot of client work today and I couldn't finish this until just now.

As side note, I've been waiting a long time to do this page.