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I love this comic. x3 And now the poor guy is trying to deny his feelings. xD
I absolutely adore this page. x3 It's the definition of adorable. x3
@Skitza d^_\b: That kiss keeps Hiro from wanting to eat Angels. I believe Hiro is the son of Lucifer. I'm not completely sure because I didn't read back over this though but I believe that answer was given early on in the comic. :3
X was a great manga. x3 This makes me want to go read the manga again. xD
January 16th, 2012
I am dissappoint. :C I miss Herz. He was my favorite character in this webcomic and I had enjoyed this webcomic a great deal. But why do you have to go and ruin it for everyone by killing the characters? I am so very sad now. :C
Not Herz. D: He's my favorite character and the one I got most attached to. T^T
Luvs. x3
I am in love with this comic already. x3 Mic looks amazing. O_o Keep up the super-amazing-awesome job. x3 I can hardly wait for more. :3