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Dew is an obnoxious creature that dwells within the dark, slimey cave of it's bedroom, rarely seen my man kind. The only known way to lure it out is by offerings of it's life necessaties; cereal, spagetti-ohs, and internet.
My dad avoided the issue and gave me a hulking textbook on the female sex.

No, seriously, it's like three hundred plus pages and covers everything from females in the media to how to masturbate. Covers all forms of protection, too, which is damn helpful. Look in the sex education area in book stores, grab the most ridiculously big book about females, and thrum through the index. It'll be there. Hopefully. I think. Yeah, most likely.
@ninjaman144: I wouldn't't care if you thought she was a chicken, at least someone is reading this. xD Sorry college is kicking your ass, hope it gets better.
@ninjaman144: Sweet present I'd say. I just got a dickload of art supplies. :O And, uh, Sunday? Who do you mean? The one with Halintine? Cause that's a chick and her name is City. And there's like, glare, from the Christmas lights.
@ninjaman144: I don't want to spoil anything but no there is just an assload of dots. Peaches.... Well it'll get to what Peaches is about later. xD

....Wait there aren't any more pages?! NO. NONONONO. D,: SOBSOBSOB.
Daniel that kid is leaking on your head.
@ninjaman144: Well I'm scheduled to update on this site weekly for the next two months. This is my second host. The comic is up to page ten on my original host. That's at
@ninjaman144: Yeah, when I was paintin' up the lighting it fucked it up. I forgot why I left it... I did this page like two months ago. xD
My dad said something like that, only he flat out told me I would look like a dyke. So I took a set of safety scissors and hacked my waist-length hair off and gave myself a pixie. Not only did I feel better but now I know that I'm good at cutting hair.
Oh City you have a talent.
No reasonable father would let a teenage zombie hobo boy near his daughter. For shame, City.
Shut up Reese what do you know about Eskimos? I swear that kid can be such a dick.
Peaches is modeled after a girl I had a massive crush on in my freshman year of high school.
She totally does, though. But damn if that ain't one sexy box.
And so you meet Reese and Petra. Expect much bitching from these two.