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You really are an amazing artist.
Seriously, I've gone back and forth reading the last few pages over and over again. I missed this comic so much, and this has made me so happy. <3
man cuddles
@Quadrant: Men get sooo hot when they sleep (at least the guys I've been with do), IDK how gay couples cuddle, I've punched guys to get away from me in the night cause it was just toooooo hot.
<3 you
@angelperez: I don't generally comment too much but I'm so proud of you reaching your goal, I just donated tonight (admittedly the only comic I've ever donated to). I love you comic and I have been following it forever. Just wanted to say you're amazing. :3
Mooooooore, I can tell this is gonna be an adorable story...I want more...

**sits impatiently**
One word : Loveeeeeeee <33333
You have beautiful skills. I want to live there!
It's pretty, I just feel like the wind is blowing and his flag is going in the opposite direction.
*nose bleed* that is fucking hot.
I feel like updates are a treat now, granted I loved getting them everyday pretty much. But the anticipation of new pages heightens my excitement too. :D
I love your story.

Fever, that bugged me. You spelled it fewer.
I love the last panel!
He looks more like a girl than normal!

Keep up the great work!
This comic makes me laugh my ass off.

Keep up the great work!
I love your comic!
The art is AMAXING!

...yeah...amaxing, we'll pretend its a word.

Every time I see the title I think of 30 Seconds to Mars and The Kill (I think that's where he sings "Come break me down
Bury me, bury me
I am finished with you
Look in my eyes
You're killing me, killing me
All I wanted was you
."). If you haven't heard of them or that song, I highly recommend them.
Hahaha. That's great.

Your art is phenominal.
Keep up the good work!
That's too sexxxy hot.
Can't wait to see the next pages!
I have to say that they are wayyy cute.

I want him...
Trish, this is warrr. hahaha.

Richard, if he were real, is totally glomping material. I'd probably be all over him if I saw him walking by.