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I'm a short (5'1'') seventeen year old, lazy (but sometimes really motivated) writer with a huge thing for really angsty stories, acoustic guitars, and boy's love. And about being lazy; I'm sort of married to my bed. No other relationship than that with my bed has lasted this long. That's also where I do all my writing (and sleeping, reading, chilling, daydreaming, angsting etc.). I can't write while sitting in a chair; it just doesn't work. And without music I can't get anything done. At all.

Enjoy your day, folks~
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    Jill Montino
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Adrian, that blush is adorable~
Sparkles! Finally there are sparkles! And flowers!
But David does NOT fit in that picture. Poor, poor Carter.
"It's called prison"

Priceless~ Jason's such a douche
am I the only one who feels really, really sorry for him? I mean, ofc, he's got himself to blame, but he still tried his best. just turned out the method was wrong~ and now, when he has realised that he's in love with the guy... well, it's way too late? I would also feel depressed.
And I don't think he looks pathetic in the last panel... actually, I just want to put him in the pocket of my jeans and take him home~
greetings from Sweden~
Oh, Carter xD He knows how to deal with 'phobes. That's good. Real good~ Just hopin' that Adrian knows too c: