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Something Tells Me..
that this gym leader will screech something about this being against the rules. Screw her; Atty is a new trainer and frankly couldn't be bothered to give a crap. XD
@Zenithlea: well, actually, that's his last name. Atticus Brent.
@OmegaBlue69: bahaa, so true. But hey, as long as your charmander knows steel claw or steel tail it should be fine, right?... but he doesn't train or have TMs... hm... I get the feeling that if I were his charmander I would get into the habit of training myself, and fast. XD
Its all good :D
@asterr001: Dont worry, she doesn't take long to post new pages if you're patient :) Just understand that the longer you wait the better it gets. I LOVE watching a new fancomic/manga develop before my eyes. I.e: Off-white, wolf comic
Its about time I posted!
Hey, just wanted to say I'm a huge fan of your comic and I adore DT...
I've been reading since a little before the middle of chapter 2,.. and all I have to say is dood!!! You rock girl!
I even made my own charmander icon to commemorate this event. My first post on my fave fan comic. <3