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Just my user to put commands >:D
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    Peter Jak
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Happy birthday Mr. Twist.

I am honored to read this masterpiece the two of you create.
A new page indeed feel as a birthday.
I love it how it goes now, the mood very well :)
Paras is gay, probably a pun on how the city Paris (France) has a culture that is viewed as gay by some people.
Ahh, finally >:D
And of course I wish you the best at school!
Wait 24 hours without sleeping and see if a new wish panel opens up.
Dear Gibson,
Maybe you could make some ANUS T-shirts and sell them for a higher price so you can invest it in PoY.
Really I canĀ“t wait for the next page.

You made me google it and I want to forget what I saw...
Try to dance while floating above pool.