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Happy Holidays everyone!
Oh, you aren't a ninja if you can't do the wall jump.
Not yet. Its part of the never ending list of things to do for this army. In the meantime, if you look close, I made shoulder guards that are marked with different designs, and I planned for those to indicate rank, so until I can actually sprite some commanders and such, those will have to do.
Oh right. I'm still alive. Anyway, here. I've seen these guys showing up in a few comics, but I'm kicking myself for not leaving a completed sheet. So here you are, the 1.0 version of these super future soldiers for use as cannon fodder and faceless grunts for your comicing pleasure. Maaaaybe I'll throw some vehicles and tanks and stuff up if I can remember that people still want those. Anyway, enjoy.
I have little to say about this comic. Happy Holidays, folks.

EDIT: Hrrnghff so many typos...
"Ah Yes hello sir. Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Jesus Christ?" *Audible sound of the cannon being loaded.*
Oh, you can bet your ass that this is the setup to another comic.

...probably. Maybe. Part 3 coming sometime?
Well, second contact with the pirates is going somewhat nicely...

Part 2 on the way

No, actually, it was a forum called SoaH
This comic is stupid, but I'm really happy about how it turned out.

Some NPC sprites are by Niv. Sprite wars is an ongoing war-themed collaborative sprite comic hosted at
@Syogren: The guy literally teleports everywhere.
Do people get that my comic titles are lyrics from songs about space?
But... Hanukkah's over, too.
The anticipation...!

For the Sprite Wars: Color Coated campaign.
CLEARLY this will not end in humorous mayhem.
Just a concept/ teaser image that I made for the Color Coated campaign at the Sprite Wars forum. Seen here, we have Dante, the mercenary CO for the Eggman Army leading some Egg Pawns on the attack on some civilians.

NPCs provided by Shard, Cryoflare, Danbucks, Gussprint, The Mad Soldier, and a few others
"Rex the pirate master... Nah
Rex the conqueror. No, no no.
Rex the Florist. Now THAT Has a ring to it."