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I have been filled to the brim with burning patriotism. You are truly a master of words.
Oh, come on, Storm! Transparency and clear communication is the key to a clean operation! That's just good team management!
Welcome into the fold, Lowkey
I cri everytiem
Storm's begrudging minio-- I mean, his cherished partner.
Placed here in the temporary sprite section until I can be arsed to do some coding
And they're off!
And so our story begins.

Sure. Credit and all that jazz, but feel free to use.
@Smiffy SMF <3: So this is how SAZ collapses. Not out with a bang, but... Um, actually nevermind.
Please don't let this be the final comic.
BEHOLD! I have risen from the grave to post this thing. It occurs to me that maybe people don't need a super futuristic army of glowing faceplated space marines. Sometimes you need something a little more current.

As usual these things are a forever WIP, but at the very least I've made the bare minimum amount of sprites for this sheet to be useful. If you need to equip them, fill in with your favorite Metal Slug sprites for the time being.
Happy Holidays everyone!
Oh, you aren't a ninja if you can't do the wall jump.
Not yet. Its part of the never ending list of things to do for this army. In the meantime, if you look close, I made shoulder guards that are marked with different designs, and I planned for those to indicate rank, so until I can actually sprite some commanders and such, those will have to do.
Oh right. I'm still alive. Anyway, here. I've seen these guys showing up in a few comics, but I'm kicking myself for not leaving a completed sheet. So here you are, the 1.0 version of these super future soldiers for use as cannon fodder and faceless grunts for your comicing pleasure. Maaaaybe I'll throw some vehicles and tanks and stuff up if I can remember that people still want those. Anyway, enjoy.
I have little to say about this comic. Happy Holidays, folks.

EDIT: Hrrnghff so many typos...
"Ah Yes hello sir. Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Jesus Christ?" *Audible sound of the cannon being loaded.*