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exceptionally good at being boring
I didn't tell my school friends I'm asexual because I am sure they wouldn't understand. They know me from times when I was still confused as to who I am and didn't realise I was asexual (I didn't even know asexuality exists). I kept repeating what they said and pretended I felt the same about boys and dating because, I don't know, adapting mechanisms? When you are a teenager world tells you you are supposed to want to date. Media, your family and friends. That's what is normal and so you try to blend in, not stand out. I just never stopped to think: "Is this really what I want? Why do I want it?". Now my friends from school think I grew bitter with age because I don't have a boyfriend. They turn patronising when thay start to talk about sex and men, like I'm still a child and I don't understand what they're talking about and they are adults. This whole "having sex makes you a real man/woman" bullshit.
Not to mention the famous "You just haven't met the right guy yet!". No. Don't. I usually smile and murmur something because if I try to explain that no, the whole point is I won't fall in love, they just smile in this patronising, condescending way and utter shit like: "You just say that because you haven't experienced this wonderfull feeling like I did. You will though, and then you will understand". Makes me want to scream and kill them. THEY know. THEY say. THEY think so and so it HAS TO be that way for EVERYBODY. One day I'll admit that THEY were right.
Also, the next person to sell me this: "we are the halves of an orange/apple/watemelon/some other fucking fruit" bullshit is going to get their wish granted and cut in half.

So, my rant aside, I agree with you that it is not that people don't understand asexuality that's infuriating, it's that they won't listen to what asexuals themselves have to say. It's that people are incapable of changing their mind and opinion. They just don't listen.
I agree that people don't really take you seriously when you tell them you don't like touching others. I don't know though why it's so particulary hard for them to comprehend.
As a girl people expect me to be even more touchy-feely, since girls hug and casually touch others more than guys do. If you don't do it everybody thinks you are just a cold bitch. I remember one time a friend of mine introduced me to her circle of friends and then, to my horror, she proceeded to hug each end every one of them hello. And they expected me to do the same. About ten complete strangers. I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

When I tell people I feel awkward with physical contact, most often they ask me if my parents didn't hug me when I was a child, which I find weird and mildly offensive. Like, what do they expect me to say? "My childhood was terrible"? Why do they feel entitled to ask such things and expect me to explain myself to them? I actually liked to hug when I was a kid, but now, yes, hugging my mother is awkward for me too, thank you very much, Brad.

Another weird thing is telling me to get a boyfriend to "make it better". I don't understand - I don't like to be touched so I should get a boyfriend who'd touch me more? How is that supposed to "help"???

I apologise for ranting and I hope you have a nice day, I just feel a bit frustrated about the topic.
But they are guys, Jason! GUYS! C'mon! :D

Maybe that's a little naive of me, but I honestly didn't expect Adrian to show up. Now it's 'create-23546-possible-scenarios' time in my head. Yay fun

...yup, I am naive
Oh, the bitter disappointments, Jason, Carter is being too Carter, to be a drama queen. Don't worry, he'll be drunk eventually.

So it was Jason who send him - mystery of LS solved!
Jason, your nonchalant remarks are priceless. Just revealing your friend's secrets while texting, yeah, no big deal. I also like Carter's reaction very much, that's how you do it!

Congrats to all the winners : )