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I've been reading this for years. I keep wanting to see Puck evolve, and I'm wondering if it will happen in a suitably dramatic point.
I haven't been reading for a while. I think I might pick it back up.
That Cubone has pupils. What devilry is this?
I'm not enjoying this comic anymore. All I can think about is how she's pretty much a prisoner of the guy who killed her family and is also forced to sleep with him. Hard to find any fun in that. I might need to take a break cause this is making me depressed.
That's what you get for being possessive and trying to take what isn't yours.
This looks like some Little Nemo shenanigans.
That is some thick saliva.
I'm glad the psycho gym leader held up her deal of only using one pokemon, of course I wouldn't be surprised if she found a reason to refuse him the badge.
You like giving scars, don't you?
No one ever seems to pick Jolteon in nuzlockes. No idea why, its one the better ones.
So i get that he burned her book and all, but how much of a b***h do you have to be to attack a clearly downed opponent.
This comic is depressing now...
I'm starting to notice how most of your adult male characters have gigantic chins.
I love Charlie's :D face.
The image appears all scrunched up to me and I cannot read it.
Called it.
Leth Hate?
Just gotta wonder why the character whose name is in the title is more of a background character.
When I did a Nuzlocke I named my Krookodile Niko. Thought it was an interesting coincidence.
I'm just finishing up a run through of SoulSilver. I used a team of all pure normal types, aside one normal/flying.
So Cogito died?