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@SotiCoto: That's why there are so many different species trained in different fields. They're specialized for individual tasks.
@SotiCoto: That's just it, you can't control all of the variables. There's always a margin of error. Look at the comic above. Perfect example of an unintended consequence of genetic alteration. Science has its limits.

No, I'm not a "furry". I just appreciate artwork and strong plot in storylines. I just like poking and prodding at certain aspects to promote discussion. If I so happen to get a response (whether it be from others or the artist) then I've got the wheels turning.
Not everything blends well.
@SotiCoto: Even so, one can infer that there are going to be some issues for reptilian hybrids compared to the others especially during winter. In addition, I'm curious with regards to the feline variety and their night lives.
Ok Kenno, where did you get the Ooze? I saw what you did there...

From left to right: Raph, Donny, Mikey, Leo
@Saydian: Little bit. Little bit.

On a side note, it's interesting that there is genetic growth in the first place. If you pay attention, some of the hybrids are flat chested but it's usually the reptilian ones. Must be difficult to be cold blooded...can't handle winter...*ahem plot device?*
Dramatic Effect
@Kenno Arkkan: Nah nah nah, you have to establish that sort of thing earlier man. You can't just expect us to believe that Mugger and Deniz have been at it for so long without at least giving us that "awkward" comedic phase. LOL that tension is what you need to make this a wee bit more believable.
Comic References?
@Kenno Arkkan: I like what you did with the panther girl being the chief councilwoman. A nod to Marvel's Wakonda and the Black Panther (T'Challa) perhaps?
I think there's more to it than that...
@xpacetrue: I'm wondering if other governments or spies were in on this too. It just seems like there's more to this failed genocide than the artist lets on. Maybe it's an international problem. Maybe some Gen 3s were sent to other countries? I want to delve much deeper into this "rabbit hole" even if only in speculative notions.

Poor Bonnie though...if she ends up as the last Generation III hybrid...she'll end up having to repopulate like...well, a rabbit. Then a species war could break out cause it would make bunny hybrids superior to the others...ooooh...look how fragile this is!!!

Also, I'm calling it now that Swift (the dark bunny hybrid) is going to use this information to her advantage. I think you've all been looking at foxy Alex as an antagonist when one has been under our nose the whole time. She's "swift" on the uptake of info.
Pondering and pondering
Oooh, another thought!!! I suspect that the reptilian girls may shed their skin just like their animal counterparts right? I wonder what they do with their excess skin? How do you dispose of that? I've read that in some cultures, you can use that shed skin for medicinal purposes, or like leather for things such as belts or gross as that may seem.
More Questions than Answers
@c_arnold: I'm still amazed that the human public are completely unaware of this alternate species running about...I mean we get some idea as to how they're blending in (via cosplay, disguises, and the like) but eventually someone's going to put 2 and 2 together...I bet it's easier to go out at night into the wee hours of the morning but still, there are security cameras and everything...
Just the Essentials
@xpacetrue: So you don't ever forget her sizes when you want to buy "her" (more or less it's a gift for you) sexy lingerie. You have to know the big three: Bust, Hip, & Waist ratio
I smell trouble...
Oh, and peer pressure, and hazing. Lots of hazing.

Also, "Who's your daddy?"
Political Science!!!
Yay!!! One of my many questions has been answered!!! A council!!! So that means it's a republic of sorts?
Perplexed is all
@xpacetrue: I understand that they're "mostly" human (half is still half lol). Nonetheless, I would imagine that it must be difficult to go astray from one's own instinctual desires/preferences. Look at Fel, she likes meat, A LOT. I wonder if that is of her own accord or a heavy influence of her genetics. I'd imagine switching to a vegetarian diet would NOT be possible with her lol.

Yet, when you look at Bonnie, I find it astounding that she is willing to eat meat at all. I suppose you can chalk up my "nit-picking" to Beast Boy from Teen Titans. He was a vegetarian because he was many of the animals you'd be able to consume. So for the most part I'm asking more or less if she'd be willing to eat rabbit (possible cannibalism) or if the other hybrids respect each other's desire to not eat meat of the same species. Like, if I were a fox girl, I wouldn't eat rabbit, duck, or something because I have a rabbit girl friend...

If I'm not expressing myself in an eloquent manner, I apologize, it's somewhat difficult to articulate what I'm getting at without a multitude of examples.

Granted, many of the hybrids and animals that Kenno Arkkan has picked are (in some way shape or form) suitable for combat, some choices are a bit questionable (such as the panda girl). Bonnie is understandable because of a rabbit's speed, but other characters I question (in terms of ability), and I further question the hierarchy or chain of command in this underground institution. Is it based on the food chain? Is it egalitarian? Is it an oligarchy? I'm sure each girl has their own strength and weakness especially since Mugger is an Engineer so, is it based on their occupation rather than species? I'm just brimming with questions.
I'm kind of at odds with this...
Okay, so it's fairly obvious that many of the girls would be natural predators to someone like Bonnie. Do they have to repress their instinctual urges to kill and eat one another? If not, is that a result of the genetic perfection or just something that was never a problem? Also, I take it animals like Bonnie would not like to eat animals that are similar to themselves correct? (Even though Bonnie can eat meat...)
Who is going to pay for that window?
Pikachu is blasting off again!!!

Hilarious dude. Simply hilarious.
Even snake-girls can not resist the temptation that is bacon.
@Original HatMann:
Slang term for "proper respect" (it's used like "Kudos"). Popularized in the 1980s by rappers who shortened the term "propers" which was in turn being used as an abbreviated version of "proper respect" at least by the 1960s. The increase in this term's usage during the late 1980s and early 1990s coincided with an increasing fascination with the mafia within rap circles. Both communities have traditionally placed great emphasis on the importance of earning and giving respect.
It is a battle after all...
"Knowledge is power!!! ...And knowing is half the battle!!!"

...the other half often includes violence. YAY VIOLENCE!!! >:D
Atty: "How come you didn't tell me?"
Dragonthing: "Charmander" (You never asked.)