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Whenever i see that garden rake, i instantly think "PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES!"
Broseph has mad boss skills :D

BTW, what happened to the funny gym leader puns :P
@Corinthaniel: And Starmie can learn Thuderbolt ;D
And Togekiss can learn Drain punch... srsly, it doesn't have any damn hands!
What the heck did Pongo use the first turn? It looks like Golbat went twice before Pongo used Rock Slide o.O (i'm randomly jumping around on commenting lol xD)
@Guest: Touché. But she could just know that you have to fight Red .-.
@Egbert: She's not even at Red yet ._.
@ThunderStarforgottologin: Damnit! That was meant to be directed to JustAskingAgain.
God i'm stupid -_-
@FreakazoidVocaloid: That would be hilarious! It means Lunatone gets a Bulldoze clone xD
hey, at least lunatone got speed boost!
If you look at the dates, it takes about a month for her to update :P
But yea, great comic, spent yesterday and today reading the whole saga til now :D
Bellsprout looks so innocent... aw :(