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What happened to Shuno's smexy stubble?? D:
NO!! please!! give him more! *_* -grabs pop corn-
Awesome pages! can't wait to see more!
woah *_*
finally in each others arms again :3
D'awwww this is too cute :3
Nuuuuuuuu D:
nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! SHE BLUSHED! that is god,right?? :3
zfhsjbhvdsiag y are they so cute together??? <3 <3
Weird huh?? I'm looking forward to it :3
Reiji, I feel for ya bro -pat pat-
aww I wonder what's wrong :(
aaand I died
-actually crying-
one of my favourite webcomics....never to be updated ever again..... -sits in a corner and starts rocking back and forth while crying-

-sigh- ah well..I'll do my best to move on then TT^TT I'm sorry this webcomic made you sad (even though I don't know the reason why) take care of yourself and have fun!
awwww our poor baby is sad :(
D: well aint he just a big meanie! >.>