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I'm a girl from Barcelona who loves drawing manga/anime and Ireland
umm I will write something better...
January 4th, 2014
@Kiiroi: waa thank you!! the car took a lot of time <3
January 3rd, 2014
sorry for being so slow TT
December 22nd, 2013
sorry for being so unnactive.... u.u"
August 11th, 2013
I forgot to upload this page here >-> uploaded it a months ago on mangamagazine
waaa sorry x_x haven't updated it for months... now I'm back and I hope I'll be more active > u <
(sorry for this messy pages, it's my first time doing action panels but I'll practice to get better > o < <3)
February 6th, 2013
slowly getting back :) hope I can finish a lot of pages this college break... before i get busy again... >.<

thanks for the support! xx
chapter 1 cover... :,D can't draw hands >.>
yay <3 lo seguiré en inglés también :P
January 30th, 2013
x_x 4 months I know Im so sorry, could make it because of college
fun fact I can see improvement in this page (middle characters drawn by september /second panel drawn today)
I can't really promise but I'll try hard not to do such a big hiatus again :,D
thank you for the support!!! xx
November 4th, 2012
took like 3 months to finish a single page, and look crappish >-> college takes a lot of time >_< I hope I can find time to make better pages and not take so long time to post them ;_;
August 28th, 2012
update :,D
I'm starting to get faster at inking if only I had more time...
@Mikashi: thanks *v*
woaah an upload *v* can you believe it? neither I can x,D
I need to get faster at manga studio.. >_< anyway I may tak long long to post again :,D I'll be off to Ireland soon but when I'm back I hope to come back with more inspiration and strengh ^_^
thank you for your support >_<

PS: the second main character is now in :,D yay
that's adorable <3 what a cute story I really enjoyed it ^^
slowly updating...
your manga is amazing can't wait to
April 24th, 2012
I had too much trouble with this page... >_>
looks so good Suu *U*
can't wait to read more~ <3
April 10th, 2012
@Andrea C.Castro: it doesn't let me join :(
people that follow me in dA know I almost never draw boys, after this manga I'm getting addicted to drawing them ;U;
(the blond man is not important xD)
Thanks for the lovely comments already, I'll work hard ^_^