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I wonder what his other 3 moves are...
To infinity and Beyond!

Part of the set-up for Digimon: Infia 3 separate concepts just in case we overlap (and you thought wearing the same clothes was embarrassing)
Some base weapons made for a project never set in motion. Basically 2 pistols, a flare gun, a sniper, an assault rifle, and a smg.

Public Domain for those who want to use it (basically free to copy no strings attached)
Yeah, I surfed through my old pics and found this little monstrosity. A small practice thing I played around with when I first started to work on sprites, invert or 'nega' characters. I would advise most newbs to try this once or twice, it helped to me to make more consistent shading within the style.
So basic story I was perusing the sonic wiki and stumbled across a boss in one of the original sonic games called silver sonic.
Read through the bio's (all 2... 3?) and decided to attempt some sort of reconstruction of the original incarnation (he was rebooted/remade in the comics).
So far he is nothing more than a concept and a recolor... so far.
@Shard: Put me down for Silverado
would buy it in a heartbeat... no joke
Cameos still available, see the announcement page for details.
In honor of 25+ pages and 10+ fans I have decided to open up cameos for a small segment of comics. If you want to do it you can post a comment or PM me.

Character- all I actually need is at least one pose, multiples would give me more room to use the cameo but it's not required.

Partner Digimon- I can actually use any digimon from In-training to Champions.

It will be open for the next 2 weeks just send in the links to your sprites, basic information, and I will put them in as soon as I can.
Wait... shouldn't Gotsumon be Megalithmon since he warp digivolved?
sorry my internet crapped out when tyring to load this.
@Blue Kirby the l33t:

panel 1 "Y'know how the captain's always wearing that cloak"

panel 2 "It's to hide the fact that he's Glandor under there."

My work here is done.
@kwane: Sorry by make I was referring to the editing I had done not meaning to imply it was original.
Everyone is finally introduced, so full speed ahead!
I swear the story will actually start soon, thank you guys for your patience.

the song is "Too Little Too Late" by The Barenaked Ladies
Is it a recolor if Shard made the original sprites?
Six pages...
...and still not a single digimon in sight