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no kidding?
@NtKGar: alright, thanks Gar I'll go there now, I like the Nekothekitty site more anyways
I caught up and finished all of the stuff I was missing... well Author-Gar I will be back from the abyss in another 3-4 years give or take and then probably will re-read the whole series for the 4th time... cya then buddy
Poor Maisy
she looked like she was swooning so hard for Neko's poetry
Dang it Gar
I'm gonna have nekos song in my head forever now.... no literally... when I noticed it rhymed my brain decided to sing it in what it thought nekos voice sounded like... no idea why it thought he sounded like Gaston though...
huh surprising...
I just came back after not reading for about a year or two (not because I don't like Mokepon or anything, just because I like chain reading... I watch anime on release and I hate it so I don't want this to turn into the same sorta thing) and dang, I got about... 3 hours or so of catching up to do... sweet
Broom Powers Activate!
huh and to think everyone is saying this incident is atty's fault but George caused this one by sending out his stolen pokemon when clearly he didn't want her to do that... Atty may have stolen it but unlike how some steal credit for other peoples art he wasn't claiming it and that must be why he wasn't using it
Edit: because he was trying to get paid by TR by turning in this crazy rare pokemon
I find it funny how people talk about reading this with a foamy voice but I always do a PilZ voice for it...
Keno Tattoo
could you make a tattoo of keno saying "adventcha!" on it for me? when i get a camera i will share it
finally! gar got what he never normally got close to!
lol, gravity sucks
my ear it bleeeds!
i only say that because i 3 have suffered the squee assualt
why don't we all grab a glass of it?
well, i hope neko steps on a lego, butterflies are a waste of eat.... yes, eat.
who is the black haired guy?
well that must have been a "shocking" exprience... tiddle-dee~!
i think he meant, because of the flames the cat was yellow and red