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I love art, cartoons, gay things, and YOU!!!<33333
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this looks really cute!
Going slowly...
ok so the reason this is taking forever is because i recently had a bunch of relatives in the hospital with serious conditions all at the same time plus holidays plus i got an art job making dumb comics for this company. It sucks but thats where my money is coming from right now so it takes priority :/

the next couple pages are "special" so theyre going to be in color and all extra pretty lol so theres something to look foreward to i guess :l
wow things are FINALLY coming along. things are ALMOST HAPPENING.

again shitty orphan dialogue is shitty. whutevs it gets better in my opinion. I cant wait to start the pages with monsters and creepy shit happening. soo much funn. my pages keep improving as well. its been a good while since i was really dedicated to a comic.
im sorry this page is so shitty. iv already gotten so much better and am considering redoing it. at the same time tho i like the amature-ish charm of it.

should i color these pages? or at least do some mono-shading in photoshop?


(im sorry)
omg man i cannot tell you how great this is!! what an amazing style! and i love your visual story telling<3
i am totally in lesbians with wally x.X
holy hotdogs this comic is awesome o.o
just a previw
this is just to give you guys a taste of what the comic will look like. ill delete this page when im ready to upload real pages.
@Roxi-Donna: wow thank you so much!! cx
i so love this color scheme cx
the end.
old comic
A very old comic i drew.
@Vitotamito: wow thank you so much! i really really appreciate it! hopefully i dont disappoint ;P
ok guys so this is the banner. i still have to work on a better one for smackjeeves but that can wait. this is the tumblr banner. you can go check out a bunch of concept art/page previews over there. pages should be coming out within a few days so dont go anywhere! be excited!! :D