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I am Ninjaman, I am an avid gamer and artist, no mission is impossible, no mountain too high. SHOOT AND LOOT.
*comics will come soon*
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hehe such a cute couple. keep up the work but don't work too hard and enjoy the holidays (NOOOH YOU MUST ALWAYS WORK) Shut up ninjaman (no you shut up ninjaman) anyways in all seriousness I hope you have a happy holidays as well :D
I'm just upstanding today :D
@Woestijn: Praise the art gods, for they are harsh, yet fair...ish.
shush, I notice nothing, continue immediately or face my wrath...of angry letters and/or comments...they are effective their not..yeaaaaaaah.....(end of transmission)
oh lordy, a side story with some romance thrown in, colorful characters and a mystery to boot, praise the sun this is a great day :D I thank thee with all of my appreciation.
curses, rules, you've foiled our plans once again.
The pantsu (I mean pokemans) police are on the case, they won't fail you....often.....they're pretty stupid actually.
Creepy house with door cracked open. LOOT AND PILLAGE.
Shoes are for the weak.
RENEGADE CHOICE: Spartan kick him off cliff.(+9 badasspoints)

Paragon Choice: Hydoken him off cliff. (+5stylepoints)

Neutral choice: grin and bare it(NOT AN OPTION)
HOLY CRAP, it speaks! :O
DAMN YOU GARY...I mean MY ETERNAL RIVAL, I shall impart justice upon you...eventually.
looks like someones a homestuck fan.
October 16th, 2013
SPIRIT GUN!!!!!!!!!
now we can read more aewsome humor :D
also liking the new avatar XD.
holy asfdhgdc
@Ishton:Your avatar scared the hell out of me XD I look at your avatar andc it's a straight face then read your comment than look back to see it smiling and almost freaked out for a second >_< brilliant.
damn son, soloing a bunch of skeletons on your own and using freaking tactical explosives,Caldwell you just lvl'd up your badass skill. Yeah I see you priest being all "oh sh*t, this guy kicks ass". on a serious note, loving the story as always, keep the good work.