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Hoo Boy...
A mile is no joke! Hope you survive to take the make-up on this one, little crouton, although I'm sure Arco will swoop in and save you should you get too soggy to finish. Poor little crouton!
The only way that will work is if Howie tries to pass that lump under the covers off as some dude other than Sooch, and Ben decides to leave right away rather than stay and deal with all the gay in the room. Keep quiet Sooch, and it might just work!
Damn, Arco, you're reading the little crouton all. Wrong. Maybe you should shut up now and kiss him. I think that would diffuse the situation nicely.
@KryX: Seems to me Arco would most certainly offer to cuddle if the little crouton was brave enough to snuggle into those covers. :-)
@Mccull61: It seems to me that he bit off much more than he could swallow maybe. ;-)

Poor Brynn! By the way, is he part Asian like June? He is much darker than Arco but has grey eyes, and his character profile doesn't specify. Just curious?
December 13th, 2015
I just went through it myself; our school library was open for 24 hours during the whole week. I think I actually went home maybe three days. Just got up from sleeping 36 hours straight, so I offer you my condolences and wish you the best of luck on your exams!
Arco knows how to calm his cranky little kitten! I wonder what he'll need to do to make Brynn purr? I'm thinking it wouldn't take much...:-P
Poor Jude! His vet assistant is quite the task master! Good thing she has a soft spot for Logan. :-)
October 31st, 2015
Methinks this coming out may not go so well as the last one *crossing fingers and hoping I'm wrong*
Do we get to see Kitty play with his catch now? ;-P
@Aiyse: This is totally guy foreplay! :-P
@sharkbaitsenpai: Can you not be so rude in your response? The person was making a valid point, and frankly, most people who are like this in real life are not very likable (or sane), and I don't think that's the impression the author wants us to have for these two. Just. Chill.
True, but...
@asdf: You are perfectly correct; the pacing on this story leaves something to be desired, but I credit that to the author's presumed young age, lack of experience and most likely female gender. Nevertheless, the art is very good, and most of the audience here is in it for the pron anyway, so I think (as @sharkbaitsenpai has demonstrated) it would be more constructive to phrase your criticism a bit more, well, constructively. Just saying.
I guess Julian won't be cold for much longer. Let's see how Hendrix's hands handle them shorts so they can get a better grip of dat azz.
June 12th, 2015
So now that Draco is king, is Tommy and Dake anywhere around? How about their kids?
November 6th, 2014
Methinks Taron finds the little doe just a tad cute, and is tsundering out a bit now. So adorkable!
November 1st, 2014
Have you abandoned the comic?
October 30th, 2014
Gods rarely ever are. At least not by the standards that humans use for good and evil.
Why are Daniel's eyes suddenly brown? Aren't they blue?
Thank you for the update! Hm, now I wonder how long and hard he's going to think about the prospect of nookie with his new boo. :-P