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He's getting mad cause Sai's right! :p
@Crimson Chains: Man was I right! Lln. :3
@Crimson Chains: LLN! So cute! XD and smexay. ;3
@Crimson Chains: I think I know! Lln! :3
@Crimson Chains: I LOVE that! XD "I guess you're right. Oh well." x3 lol.
Silly Bee
April 10th, 2012
@Crimson Chains: Lol. It's okay. Thanks. :3 I can't read the words only on a few. Just depends where they are. Lol.
Silly Bee
April 10th, 2012
@Crimson Chains: Lol. I meant his actual words. :P that blue line is blocking what he's saying again.
Silly Bee
April 10th, 2012
In the very last strip what did the captain say to Sai?
@Crimson Chains: THANK YOU! :3 it looks great. I love it! <3
@Crimson Chains: Lol. I can wait. ;3 and I'm sure it'll look great! :)
@Crimson Chains: Aww. :3 lol. You should draw a pic in color of hiro with his wings out!
@Crimson Chains: Oh, thank you. :3 and no it's every page. One blue line straight across where it says "bold" on every page. But it might only be blocking that part for me because I'm not on a computer, I'm using my iPad. So if you haven't gotten anyone else saying something about it I think it's my device. Lol.
He's so what? I cant see what the captain says after "you're so...?" :( there's a blue line in the way.
Watch your mouth and respect your elder! LOLOLOLOL. Love that. X3
I will TAME your wild side baybeh. ;) lol
@Panacea: I feel the same way. ^_^ lol
Awwwws. :3
Lolololololol. I effing love this. :3 I wasn't expecting it at all. XD great job with everything. And sorry to hear about the rejection letter. You're still super amazing. <3
@Lady Of Crimson: Lol. I guess my brain was up in the trees. :P I see what you did there though. Very clever. :)
WHERE IS THE NEST BUTTON! :( lol. Yes! He FINALLY admitted his love for shuno. XD