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I like drawing, cute and animals.....anddddd....eating and sleeping.
....sssssooooo yeaaaa.....

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    katniss peterson
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@Potatoes4Eva: giggle-snorting for the last few pages bro. Right with ya
Oh ho ho!! I love them! Theyre so cute
Im so happy you're updating again! Ths comic is all kinds of funny and the expressions are hilarious!
Update soon! Need more know what happened!! Caveman get angry!!! Grrr!
I can imagine shunos gonna be like where the hell were you!!!
What if you made another comics after you finished this one. Exact same characters and what not but using the other option. Like instead of studying he could've said no. Or like instead if cupcake, sandwich.....idk
its so mean
@MiechanMato: it really is like ├╝ber heart breaking bruh. Shuno gonna hafta slap-a-hoe