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"He's Just Not That Into You"
November 28th, 2009
Lol xD
Bumble Bee Ride!
Aww The last panel is so cute!
Omg ending so soon?! Q_Q Noo.. But thanks BBH. Rebel Prince was a good read. You did a good job.
November 14th, 2009
Love your comic. Love Desta and David <3
Your comic was a good read :) Keep up the good work
Clementine? =p Thanks for dropping by to read. It gets pretty lonely here.
HAHAHA GO ON A DATE WITH ME! Gosh.. xD Priceless
I have a friend in college who's dad DOES stalk her. Monitoring her closely, popping up in college at random times that even the office boy knows him as a familiar face.
You don't love me.
You don't even know me.
Menghasut dia lagi tu..
"He got into a fight they say. But I didn't want to step in and be involved..."- Someone who doesn't want to be involved.
Didn't work? Oh my.. silly me :3
Memories start to leave me, my heart starts feeling easy
We're going no where fast.
The summer breeze runs through our hair.
Cruising down the highway,
Windows down and singing the song featured on air~
Nescafe- open up open up
It's true that the coffee kept me awake for the later hours but the truth is.. having a light breakfast does make a difference.

Try coffee and apples. They're super boosters. You won't fall asleep.
Talk about bling bling
WHAT?! But how?!?! He beat me at something I'm supposed to be(with a sparkling touch)! D:
The lights of the city were too heavy for me
*Mmm okay.. I guess at this point it's hard to tell whether Dawson is a boy or girl. Let me make this clear that I'm a girl. Dawson is a boy. Since almost all the comics are based on real life events and jokes that happen to me, it does make it a challenge to keep the originality of the jokes (specifically ones that address me as my female self) and apply it to Dawson. So in some cases, take it as Dawson being a genderless being.
Study Accounting? 1 week before the exam: Don't kid yourself, Noelle.
Guess what each the hydrant, computer and dustbin represent.
Hint: Human personalities.