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Sorry for the lack of updates but between life things and now my shoulders feel like they’re crystallized how stiff they are. I’ve been rubbing tiger balm on them but it’s kinda impossible to massage my own shoulders so I hope you guys can wait on me
November 29th, 2013
Late updates oh gosh lsdhfkjahdsf
Sorry about the late update I just straight up forgot but now I have set an alarm and done up a big fancy schedule!! yaaay
November 21st, 2013
yes I know it's thursday but uhhh yeah

special thanks to my friend ychangvaa for agreeing to be my super fabulously gay convenience store owner <3
I'm terrible at time management and Assassin's Creed 4 has been eating a lot of my time ;;; I'm not used to being able to play a concsole as much as I want and I've been super slacking off but I will have your new pages this week!

Super sorry that I havent kept up with my darlings
It's been two years since I first designed Elen GASPU
@MrMonochromatic: or a swimmer female :3c WILL CHU'S GENDER EVER BE REVEALED? (no)
@pompon-chan: uwawawwa THANK YOU SO MUCH I'm hoping to be able to keep up with it so thank you for reading ;v;
That's all folks
Well for Chapter 1
The delay was actually cause from me working on Chapter 2.

I won't start posting Chapter 2 until Sept 9th!!!
@Hikari88: I haven't yet! I have a very close friend who is from there and I'm supposed to visit next year! I cant wait ;v;
@Manga-Ka: haha yeah Chu is Okinawan actually :> Trust me there's a reason for everyone's race and appearance it'll alllll come to make sense eventually
Sorry about the wait loves
I'm sorry for the wait on pages!
but wowee Chu ACTUALLY talking! yaaaay
*waves from a distance*
Sorry about the size guys! I forgot to size it down before I sent it to Meam-senpai (insert uguus and desus here)
Sorry about the not-so-great handlettering. I dont have photoshop on the new laptop;;;
@jonasfx: oh no. I'll be making TWO prints and full set of stickers though! and I'm going to make them available online and stuff ;v;
Kind of obvious
I guess it's been pretty obvious but Welcome Mats is on Hiatus. Summer is always a busy time of year for me and between mountains of contract work for Sanshee and other commissions AAAAND preparing for Metrocon in Tampa Florida in two months (I'm also going to AX for Sanshee so technically I only have a month) I'll be really busy so please be patient. Once I get all of this work out of the way I should be able to afford a new scanner though and then we'll have higher quality pages 8D
Sorry about the late page. I should really stop travelling on wednesday
I can do this 8>
I'm getting a buffer worked up so I should never miss an update again 8>
So yeah I'll be at the Sanshee booth at PAX East this weekend so uhm
[Muffled Sound of Star Crying in the Distance]
Sorry for the delay I've been pretty swamped for the past (wow it's been a month now hasn't it)
BUT MY BUFFER IS BACK SO WEEKLY UPDATES AHOY! (Well maybe not net week because I'm traveling on wednesday but hey maybe my greyhound will have wireless)
January 30th, 2013
sorry for the wait
Next week's might be late since I'm traveling all Wednesday!

Also my birthday is on Valentine's day and if you wanna draw me something I would loooove it