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I'm not the best artist in the world, but I keep drawing for the sake of getting better and sharing my characters with the world. I can't escape the urge to tell their stories.
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I can't even BEGIN to tell you how many instances there were where guests claimed I gave them "attitude" when, no lie, this is exactly how I would act. This is word-for-word what happened, in this case. Maybe if I said these things in a more hateful tone with a sour expression, sure, you could say I had attitude all you want! But no, I was being as sweet as possible as you touched my things that clearly said "no touching" and gave me a hard time as I politely did my job. Kindly vacate the premises, dude.
Meet Brie
Her whole name literally means "Cheese Holy Spirit". She was one of my favorite people to work with, tbh. She took the bus, so she'd have to take off her costume and go around the park as a guest until her bus arrived.

I hope this translates well to animals. Because basically, what happened CONSTANTLY in this certain ~African~ portion of the theme park, is guests would ask for pictures of black employees, thinking that they were "exotic" Africans SOLELY because they were black, even though their nametags would say "Wisconsin".
Annnddd I'm back!
Sorry, depression is evil. But here we are!
February 18th, 2015
My raccoon-self looks offended only because of this child's tone of voice with me - he was really condescending in asking this. I was actually quite fascinated whenever children asked if I was a boy, and in this case in particular, I was incredibly taken aback that he thought of "half-boy" as an option! You go, kid! But boooo at you thinking only boys should like Star Wars.

There will be a continuation of this later, because I had a lot of fun with this kid. He was pretty great.
February 11th, 2015
Meet Huggy
He's probably the sweetest, most talented tanuki I ever knew. He also liked to wear a fake name tag that said he was from Kenya to see how many guests bought it, no matter how ridiculous his stories were.
Meet John
He's pretty great, but also kind of a butt.
I'm so sorry
I've been moving and things and I haven't had time to update this until now! So here, have some bees.
December 11th, 2014
Trying it like this instead
the animations take too long. and clicking might get annoying, i'm not sure. so let's try it like this!
Sorry it took me so long to finally get around to this week's...well. Last week's update. But I was physically sick as well as mentally sick. Well, I'm always mentally sick, but it was especially strong this week. Unfortunately. The winter months do this to me.

I'll hopefully be updating on time this week guys, I swear!
Read that "OHHHH YEAHHH" like the one from...that song. in ferris bueller.
i thought of giving everyone fake animal names, but figured "nah, animals with real people names are great."
Meet Jesse-Lynn
She was great and I miss her lots. I also miss working at this particular booth for several reasons. This comic reveals one of them.
I had to blur out the nasty word because I still want this comic to be somewhat kid-friendly??

Theme parks ruin marriages, kids.
First comic between guests. The arguments we over-heard sometimes were outrageous.
@dylanwaters: oh dang, hey dylan! and yeah, if you'd like to submit something, that'd be awesome! or i can draw something based off of one of your stories!
@Greengrasspony: Thanks, Pony :D
That's the end of this comic!
Tune in next Wednesday (the Nov 12th) for the next exciting installment!
The people who worked over at "Whack-a-Packy" seemed to be loud and obnoxious on purpose, just to drive us crazy. One time I asked them to please turn to volume down on their headset, and they immediately turned it up, thus proving my point.
It's short for pachycephalosaur, but no one could say that - in fact, the whole spiel for the ridiculous carnival game was "Come play Whack-A-Pachycephalosaur! Hard to say - easy to play!"