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Uuuuumm.... I love Doodling, Manga and Sleep ^_^
(The big three!)

And that's it... I'm not that deep... sorry...
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It's all good ^^ I was just worried I'd become illiterate! Get well soon - Lots of rest! We all love your comic so much <3
I love Nilus <3 Her dress is gorgeous! You guys are awesome! ^_^

P.S Is that last word devastated?
November 10th, 2013
I thought it was back rubbing and having his hips grabbed?! 0.0
February 18th, 2013
Oh god I love Shuno <3 KAITO KNOWS NOW!
*I couldnt live without your almost-daily updates! ^_^
Sooo.... 1000 pages... was just volume 1? Woah! And there i was getting scared this was going to end soon <3 could live without your almost-daily updates! ^_^
Oh my god... I thought jet was cute...
NOW HE'S ADORABLE *SQUEEZEZ* What a little cutie pie! <3 "Turn me back so I can hug you" And he's so tiny!

Quintons head is HUGE O.o But somehow it fits... -_-

You guys are awesome! x
Jet :)
Is it wrong that I actually find him cute? :3 But he still has nothing on Sergio <3
Simon is just so cute! <3 But Sergio is getting cuter... Its haaaard ^_^ Love them both! <3