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This is Mari
Mari is a bear you could keep as a pet
Mari likes drawing and Mari likes comics
But drawing comics makes Mari upset.
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    Mariana Costa
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@DeadlyDuo: No, sorry. Apps closed January 15th! I just barely squeaked by.
Hello! Recently my comic got picked up by Hiveworks, which means it now has its own website. You can read new updates of The Well by the House on the Hill every Saturday at

Thank you!
well that was short lived!
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
oh dear!
im glad you fogged up that mirror marie because i refuse to draw actual reflections.
This could be the start of something new
this is it for chapter 2, folks! stay tuned for chapter 3, featuring the long-awaited scenery change.
Training Montage
don't leave us hanging, cody.
yeah, whats your deal cody
it /is/ a cute name!
yes welcome to this patch of grass make urself at home.
tiddy bit
you know, that thing ghosts do
it sure would, marie!
open ur eyes i see ur eyes are open
off to a good start!