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Sorry, my job keeps getting in the way

I decided to revive the facebook page to keep you informed if I'm gonna update or not
@Malova: Thank you :D
as a grown-up with a day job, I can't update regularly, but I hope you'll stick around
@ysengrin: Thanks! :D
Updates will be irregular
Happy new year! Let's try this again, yeah?
@Doodlebot117: That's alright! I'd even be happy to hear more about trees and stuff concerning cutting them. It would be super nice if you'd recommend books about that too

For now, let's imagine that they're just excited to find out the quality of the wood
I wanted to submit this yesterday, but I got internet connection problems. Sorry about that.
@Browser, @Tornleaf, @MilkyTea

Thanks! :D
Feels good updating in time. Three more pages until the chapter ends.
Here goes the first page from a year long hiatus!
I'm sorry, everyone, for disappearing without a notice. I was caught up in my academic life. Now, I hope everything will go smoothly and I'll be able to update weekly. That's why I chose the first september as a date..
@MilkyTea: Thank you!

Nah, it's just a time out.
@MilkyTea: Yeah, Apple is super tired right now
Today I turned 25. One step closer to my goal - to be 70 years old, my true age.

So, here, have a present!
@MilkyTea: Thanks!
I tried to try a new way of shading, and I think it looks slightly better.

Support me on Patreon -
@Doodlebot117: Oh shit, I was hurrying to finish the page so I forgot to add special effects. Thanks for pointing this out
@KuroKageOkami: well, the way was clogged by the larger crowd and the whole battle thing happened in a minute, so...
I'm late because of this tiny crowd in the bottom of the page.

In next two or three updates this battle will finally come to end.

On Patreon I post my drawing process, check it out
Hello! Here's the update! I like how it turned up.

I don't really have anything special to announce. I'm just thinking about starting 30 day challenges to doodle characters from Heart of Earth so my Patreon Page wouldn't look so empty. That's all.

Thank you for reading.

Patreon -
Anyway, I decided to launch my Patreon page while I still feel courageous