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dat seifuku.

also her rotated arm looks retarded.
I'm proud.
Of my Jew nose.

Aryan master race.
why is gantz so awesome. fuck.
im depressed. why does maj keep dying.

gantz is the best anime ever.

why do you still look at this shit.
Gurren Lagann is so epic. I don't know why I waited till now to finish the second half.

Also thanks Rage for the swag avatar.
<img src=" uot; />

Made this awhile ago. Wanted to make a comic based on rpg cliches but it came out too srs and I gave up.


Can't ignore my girth.
@searo: but babbeyz, i miss u
A comic that I want to make. But plot and stuff doesn't let me get passed the first page.
In PvP. Feels good.
Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
If you haven't watched this yet, fuck you. Go watch it.
Sometimes I read our old conversations to get that feel again.
Was gonna make a comic but lost motivation after the first panel :C
Based on this page from Soul Eater.

The sprites aren't supposed to look exactly like them, I was just having fun with some Draglade sprites.