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Gonna have to agree. It was a nice run. Perhaps it's time to give the idea the rest it deserves.
Sure. ^^
@SonicComix1: I envy you amount of free time you have dude.
@SonicComix1: Funny :D. And gave me an idea for a bit differnt way to do the comic strip.
@SonicComix1: Technically it's atleast once a month. But for now most of the authors are busy with other stuff, so the updating schedule is off. And everyone updates whenever they can.
@SonicComix1: Your in luck. We have space. Wellcome aboard.
Thats one awesome mash up
@Hydra: Don't worry. Everyone seem to have taken a vacation away from SJ.
Happy Birthday Dude.
And no one steals my collection of video games. well unless they can hack steam to get 1/4 of them.
@supersonicfan0: Well hopefully, I should be able to update on weekend. After that I will anounce the season of the kicking. Heck I may kick some new authors on weekend.
@ Alex Darks: I see now why 93% don't believe you as creation of AI functional so advance by a normal person is nearly impossible. But it's a nice theory.
@Alex the Dark:
So what do you think was a reason for banning? If you don't want to post then just send me a pm
@IwillbenapoPRODUCTIONS: Never sayed that your in the arc. And thats why we are hiding all the booze from you now.
@supersonicfan0: Never had a reason to search. But the other possible option is drunkduck
@Hero of Comedy: Damn it. I wish Admins would have a log system. Would make things easier for normal people.

There are witnessess. Heck I've seen Nyan comment there and this owl guy. But not sure if admins would even listen to us at this point of time.
@supersonicfan0: I will. The problem is that I doubt that would be counted as proof. but still can try
Ignore the picture. I got more info on why DS was banned. It seems he was framed by someone. Heres the link with explanation.

anyone got any ideas on how to have admins unban him?
@DarkCloud1267: wtf,you got banned again? what freaking for? is that your youtube acc on your profile?
@foxpuff: Do you know why he got banned?