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YAAAY we finally got there
avery needs to gtfo out of that toxic place. its not good for him to stay there.
@Biscuit: I don't really lump Joe into the main characters because it feels like we don't see as much of him. Same with richey's GF (forgive me for forgetting her name as i write this)
im not sure if its intentional or not but the main characters are all steadily becoming more and more unlikable. Im interested to see how this all ends up
I think its more Avery's wierd power to attract people. remember the rando's proclaiming him a messiah.
the longer this comic goes on the less i like Avery. Like yeah people haven't treated him very nice but he just uses people. I kinda like that from a character development perspective though. Its nice to see people changing and reacting even if it means they are becoming harder to sympathise with.
this page feels really forced. im pretty sure its a breach of human rights to deny someone access to cleaning facilities. especially when they're under someones care due to a court decision.
Wow the art is so awesome :D
Just found this comic. Wow it is very good. Very rare i find something i think is awesome that isn't BL.
oh god its me in the future! im doing a BA in Geography. waaaaaaaah!
hahaha this makes me laugh more because i started a game on heartgold with totodile (now feraligatr) and i got really stressed at the guy who constantly tries to sell you ragecandybars in mahogony town. hate that guy! wish i could push him over with my feraligatr!
questionable content rocks! and so does this!
what about louis hes all dead and whatnot, sniff..
meh heh i like this comic!
ooh i like this comic im faving!
does that mean nathan just died in his sleep or am i a doof...
how can there be a boy love story with only the one boy!
aww. well done for passing your finals!!
aww i love the slight blush nathan has on the bottom left panel.