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YO! You can call me Kumatora or Maria, but most people online call me Kuma (You can pretty much see how I got the username there XD). I love playing video games, mostly Nintendo games. I also love watching anime and reading mangas/comics. Yeah... I LOVE COOKIEZ!!! =D
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... *hiding under a box* Did I lose em? O_o

Oh yeah also, Brooke, your door was open! Just wanted to point that out! =3
@Divine Knight: Uhh... I'm not sure but Imma take a guess, therunawayguys? XD
Don't underestimate the power of Mr.Saturn! Or he'll give you a boot to da head! Well... with a huge shoe! XD

HEY! I found a disk that teaches you how to speak poyoese! But then my dog ate it...

I have an urge to get a black marker and draw a mustache at one of those statues. =3
Haha! The comic page and the comments made my day! XD
Aw I hate those nightmares, especially the ones that feel so real. I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep for like an hour or so... at least that's how it feels like for me. And man, I haven't been commenting as much! XD
OH YEAH? WELL I SUMMON KURIBOH! Oh wait... wrong card game! Haha... XD
Oh man! Well... uhh... 3.5 is half of 7... and that takes half of the height of the... I guess cylinder? hydrogen Dioxide would probably be... a gas comparing Carbon Dioxide? I'm guessing .5 gas since it's the same thing as 50%? Eh... I felt like trying to understand it and giving it a shot. I'm in high school... so I don't think I would know. XD
AAAAAWWWWWWWW! Pretty much what I can say about this! =D
@Divine Knight: Oh! Welp... yeah... no problem. XD

And looking at the sprite sheet made me think of what if when you defeat Meta Knight in KSSU, he doesn't disappear when his mask breaks, but he just keeps fighting. But it would probably be a pain since they would make him more powerful. XD
This is really good! Do you still need the rest? I found this link:
How would the world live without LoZ? D=
AHAHAHAHA!!! I love this page! But then again, I love all the pages in this comic XD
Aww... D=
@Divine Knight: I've cursed once when I was brawling someone in ssbb. That was the only time I actually used one when I got angry. The other times were when I first heard of those words and asked what it meant. XD
Oh man! Looks like the Timer Bomb got HAMMERED! Can't blame Kirby for being really angry. I would probably do the same... except without the curse words. I don't really like to say them. XD