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lazy-ass college student. I like to read and quietly stalk. i also draw. it sucks. come and see it?
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he threw the controller in his face im laughing so hard omg. (what the heckie is uffach gols?)
date #6 is really cute tho!
based on that reaction.. maybe it's a pic of Yuki?
ahaha when my mother found out I was a fujoshi - well she only knows that I kinda ship male characters and find them cute - she tought that I was going to turn into a lesbian too! and I was like 0_0 WHAT. how does that even make sense?? so yeah...close minded people have strange ideas!
@daviddoesntgetit: Fist of all thank you :) For answering, I know it takes a lot of your time to answer everyone and second for making this comic. About Miriam's case.. actually that's exactly what I'm going through! I just started college this September. Though it seems some of my friends gonna apply to my college so who knows what will be my next year like :)
personal ranting, sorry, I just felt like sharing my opinion
Hello, David!
I don't think it's selfish at all. What you wrote " I would want friends that I’d be willing to risk my life for " that's exactly my idea about friendship too. I hate those people who only pretend to be friends, just so they have someone to hang out with. And I can totally relate, thanks to similiar situations I became pretty much an antisocial too. I mean I have some friends, but they live in other cities, so it's hard to keep in touch. And sometimes I feel like I'm being selfish too, for wanting them to care more about me, because I'm the type who doesn't start talking easily about my problems, but sometimes I really want to. And when I ask them if we can talk they're like oh sorry I'm tired. I ask so rarely to meet up or talk (like on phone or skype) that I think they should get the idea that there's someting wrong.. and I feel really lonely these times. And when I think about when they had problems, I have spent hours talking to them even after midnight, because I just couldn't go to sleep with the feeling that I "abandon" them. And I don't mean to be complaining. I'm glad they trust me enough to share these things with me. It's just sometimes I feel they don't care :( (which is obviously not true, but I can't help it)
@GentlePush: haha lol no dismay it's just like maaan this is good D: lol idk can't explain xD so yeah I really like messy ink(?/pen) styles like yours, kinda reminds me of the early volumes of Bizenghast (but then the author went like: ohh messy's so not cool I want to "improve" my style and she lost that unique feel I really loved about the comic :/)
I absolutely love your style D:
and lol he's a jerk
wait Daniel WHAT
the title Shaun of the dead came in mind right away (well the story kinda reminded me of some zombie apocalypse from the start..but more like in a Zombieland way) and now I stop stalking ^^
Ohmygod I love Timothy so much <3 Aaand I laughed so hard at the last panel..
but Ian why are you so mean to Timothy he tries really hard you know, to be your..step-father wait grandfather..-mother..?whatever
Aw don't worry about these things! There are just a lot of stupid and mean people out there, they can't help it :/
Ohh Timothy xD btw I'm in love with this comic :) Keep up the good work
Timothy with green eyes would be lovely :3
@Yuki Kioku: Yepp :) Well I never got my hand on any issue of it, but as far as I know there are oneshots/chapters published in it from yaoi/BL mangas and such.
wow guys no, that's Be x Boy an actual magazine.. I think it's about BL stuff?

btw I'm a new reader, I just read through all the ten chapters and I'm curious what will happen to them.. (I'm hoping in a happy ending, but that seems pretty unlikely? :I) And you're style has developed a lot ^^
I agree with sad guest. You started to develop an interesting plot, and then you go all attention-whore. This is not how an artist makes comics. Its simply trolling.
(hope this wont be a total Homestuck rip-off)
also I hate David..