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Sky Verum
What about me? Hmm..

Love spriting. Mostly kirbies. I'm great those. Spriting kirbies, yeah. I'm an awesome spriter, by the way. I like makin' sprite comics, though I'm still a novice. Also like track, you know, running.

I play this cool game on Byond, called "The People's Sandbox". It's the best platformer game on Byond, absolutely AWESOME. It was the inspiration for my first comic here, "Across the Dimensions". It's available for everyone to play. I don't wanna advertise. So yeah, hey.
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I'm Back
My Computer Crashed, so I had to re-download stuff, and I finally purchased Photoshop again, so yeah, it's back starting up the plot of this comic, and the start of the :Sandbox Arc:, where new and familiar faces will be introduced and re-introduced.
Well folks..
Chapter 1 is over...but what's going to happen to Sky? And what exactly is going to go down? I mean, I know the answer to this, but YOU'RE all gonna find out on Sunday, where we begin "The People's Sandbox" arc.

Sorry if this seems rushed, problems with the computer
Another Wierd Update
The End of the Chapter is near. Final Page for chapter 1 is tommorow!
Supreme Update Number 3!
3 updates in one day. 2 more to go.
Supreme Update Number 2.
Does this guy seem familiar?
Due to some minor difficulties, we will be expeirencing a Giga April 1st Update.
Cool! Welcome back!!
Things are looking bad for Sky...Maybe eating an apple you found out of nowhere wasn't such a boss idea...
...When it comes to food, Sky's thought process makes a complete stop. Oh Sky...Wait, an apple? Seems familiar.
He's gonna need to clean his shoes later...Leave a comment and fav!
Sunday's Update
Didn't get a chance to upload this, here we go.

Did you know Serena is Second in Command of Dream Brigade?

...Well she is. And she's not a bad tactical planner.
Time to squash some spiders. Leave a comment and fav!
Live From My iPhone
Check the news my bros!
Ok im sorry but setiosly danis suit looks awesome, totally digimon themed. GOGGLES.

Been a while
Sorry guys, been gone working on another project. LOOKS LIKE I'M BACK....last panel came out more violent than I expected..
Cant wait
Hope that dude withthe red hair shows up, h was mu fav in the game!! I think his name was hibiki? Prolly not, also, Hope Guy makes an appraremce , nice page brah
Im going to lov the banter between these two.
I'm Back!
Sorry, been gone a while, in real life stuff. God I hate bugs.
Fanboys. What're you gonna do?