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Madame Moo
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ohgod lmfao got him so spot on xD <33
@Forbidden_Requiem: lmfao thank you eve
-nosebleed/propelled into wall-
lololol this is adorable @U@
@Kiwifie: LOL he's also wearing combat boots. Neon Aqua combat boots. That fearless savage LMAO /dies

@campanella: lmao thank you m'dear eve

@CoveredInCaramel:hurhurhur thank you eve

@Inxerene: LOLTY xD

@Miss-llama28: ohohohoohoho you like dem teachers out of uniform? -shot-
[N]ame: Eithan Colletta or Eithan Krithtin (Goes by both)

[A]ge: 25

[B]irthday: January 10

[O]rientation: Gay (seke)

[L]ikes: Cars, oil, hot weather, beaches, men (lol), animals, more cars

[D]islikes: When he can't fix a vehicle, girly boys, being told off, being talked back to, someone mistreating his tools

[D]reams: To own his own mechanics shop

[A]spirations: Get enough money teaching to own his shop

[R]elationship: Single. Was married.

[S]iblings: 5. One sister, 4 brothers.

[H]istory: Eithan comes from a large loving family. When he was about 16 he moved out to see the world. He finally settled in Italy for a while. He found his husband, Nyaa (or Nancy [don't ask uvu]) there. They had a daughter (adopted). Soon Nyaa grew tired of Eithan, taking his moneys, house, and daughter. Eithan was kicked out asap, left to work until he had enough to get back to America. He now lives in a small flat with a garage. He does make-shift mechanics there.

[E]ct: Eithan loves his family to death. He has a twin names Mika who is a small bouncy ball of joy. He's the older twin. He is roughly 6 feet 2 inches tall. He has a short temper and can get rather violent so don't piss him off around anything he can throw. (:
@Feruru: asd if you'd like Blake could be his roommate? It's entirely up to you though! asdfg /dies
asdfgh Your art style is lovely @u@
/fomas at mouth
He seems like such a sweety >w<
@Scooter-harts-salty: eve Kuu could be his roomate if you'd like c:

Of course, Blake still needs a roommate @o@ Anyone is fine c:
@Miss-llama28: LOLYES and thank you B)

@Kikifie: lolol ty c: I like opposite roles xD Kuu is my seme lmfao
c: New oc~ Only one more till i have my 3 oc's for this ;v;
[N]ame: Blake Pena

[A]ge: 19

[B]irthday: March 3

[O]rientation: Gay but still in the closet (uke surprisingly c: )

[L]ikes: Sports, his scruffy but maintained beard, pianos and music, running, girly boys

[D]islikes: Big overly muscular people, drunks, drugs (steroids), people who lie to themselves or others

[D]reams: To become a pro basketball player

[A]spirations: Make it through the 12th grade finally (He was held back)

[R]elationship: Single

[S]iblings: Younger brother names Jannet (They had a sex change from a girl c: )

[H]istory: Blake grew up on a smaller farm out in California before his parents moved him to the city. He quickly got into a good high school for his basketball skills, but was kicked out when another player caused a fight. His father and mother are huge religious fanatics so him coming out of the closet is a scary prospect. Although his sister (now his brother) got a sex change, he is into women so his parents don't mind. Blake was only recently admitted into You High school already the basketball teams number one player.

[E]ct: Only his left ear is pierced. Blake's eyes are the blue of a husky's, most people scared of them. He's a big teddy bear, he just might seem like a monster at around 6 feet 5 inches.
my ribs
Im laughing so hard lmao poor man -holds out shot of vodka- ;U;
Adorable ;v;
-brews tea- yesyes ;C;
Things are getting heated oAo

eUe I don't mind /shotdead
@tangyskittles: I lol'd so hard at your comment asdfgtes

This is sexy HOHOHO
Lmao this is how I feel whenever I'm sick. Screw the soup, give me something cold, preferably pizza.
Madame Moo
February 3rd, 2012
I could just picture him sniffing the air because of the food.
And then
Yuki laughs remembering how he thought you could smell gay.
Your art style is so delicious @o@
ASDFRESLOL I love this man xD