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A Demonic Presence
speak "friend", and enter.
"can it be both?"
i took down the dragon gym in a nuzlocke challenge with a zubat and a rattata. they were not overleveled. do not underestimate rodents.
you guys really need to chill, DT's been through worse.
have you all forgotten that she was literally flattened by that onyx at the end of chapter 5?
is it wrong that i want him to just pull up a chair and say, "you too, huh?"
why do i get the feeling that artemis and atticus have a great deal in common but will utterly despise each other?
look at thad's face in the second to last panel, he's so proud of his terrible pun
i never liked raticate.
it goes from a sleek, speedy looking mouse to a giant fatass hamster with teeth too big for it's head.
woah... this page has a whole different feel to it without all the noise. more sinister, more hopeless. thank you for letting us see it